19 warm and comforting slow cooker recipes (2024)

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Comfort food at its best. - by Eunice Oh

As the nights grow colder, it's time to dig out the slow cooker from the garage or the back of your cupboard and put it to good use.

WATCH:Harissa-crusted slow-cooked pork shoulder

It’s a great multi-use appliance that can be used to make starters, soups, mains and even dessert!Here's a link to our10 best slow cookers you need to buy now.

Slow cooker recipes

Think of tender lamb shanks with orange and cinnamon falling off the bone. You can even make your own fresh slow-cooked herb bread, perfect for dipping in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic whilst enjoying a glass of vino.

Want fresh tomato sauce? You can make that too, and serve it with a big bowl of pasta. Yum!

We've rounded up our top 19 best slow-cooker recipes to whip up in your cosy kitchen, Perfect for a quiet mid-week dinner at home or stress-free entertaining on the weekend.

1.Slow-cooked herb bread

If you've never cooked bread this way, give it a try!It's the perfect side to any slow-cooked meal.

2.Slow-cooked ribs

Coated in spices, then cooked for five hours in a tangy sauce. Slowing things down is the best way for these finger-licking faves.

3.Slow-cooked lamb shanks with orange and cinnamon

You’ll be rewarded with tender meat and a rich, aromatic sauce to remember.

4.Slow-cooked curried chicken drumsticks

Who doesn’t love drummies? These pleasers bathe in a gorgeous light korma sauce for three hours before legging it to a bed of steamed rice.

5.Slow-cooked tomato Napoletana sauce

A quality homemade sauce is the secret to absolutely mouth-watering tomato-based Italian meals.

6.Slow-cooked massaman beef

Simply saute and stir on the stovetop– using curry paste as a tasty shortcut– then pop the lot in the oven and walk away until it's ready.

7.Mexican pork with beans

Think aTex-Mex shredded porkthat you can pile high into a burger bun with slaw or serve in tortillas with guacamole.

8. Easy slow cooked lamb shanks with red wine sauce

Lamb shanks are made for slow cooking. No other recipe heralds the start of winter like melt-in-your-mouth lamb braised in a red wine sauce served upon a cloud ofmashed potato.

9.Slow-cooked hearty vegetable and lentil soup

Go bulky with celery, carrot, barley and lentils, then return home to a beautifully warm bowlful.

10.Slow-cooked mandarin and soy beef

Citrusy juice, tangy soy, sweet hoisin and cinnamon will be imparting their wonderful flavours into this Asian-style beef. Just boil egg noodles and brocollini to serve. So simple!

11.Slow-cooked tomato and green pepper beef

Andre Martin

Simmer and roast your way to your family's new fave casserole.

12.Slow cooked lamb shoulder with beetroot and feta cream

This fall-off-the-bonelamb is well worth the wait! Rub herb oil into the sides, then roast it long and slow with wedges of red onion. P.S. thefeta cream is divine.

13.Slow cooker chicken stew with rosemary and barley

The flavours of barley, rosemary, garlic and white wine combine to create a winning dinner. You won't regret jumping out of bed early to prepare this meal, because the smell you'll come home to is truly divine.

14.Harissa-crusted slow-cooked pork shoulder

A slow-cooked beauty that features gently spiced Moroccan flavours combined with aromatics and served with couscous and yoghurt. It’s so tender it will melt in your mouth.

15.Slow cooked beef 'barbacoa'

Sure it takes half a day, but slow-cooking buffalo brisket and vegies in a pit of hot coals makes it utterly tender and juicy. But you can make it in the oven too.

16.Vegetable risotto

Robust vegetables and a scattering of aromatic sage make this risotto wonderfully comforting and wholesome.

17. Slow cooker bolognese

A fresh take on every family’s favourite Italian dish using a slow cooker.

18.Lamb shank stroganoff

Stroganoff goes extra hearty with fall-apart lamb shanks adding even more richness to this winter staple, and making it fancy enough to serve up at your next dinner party. Shanks for the memories!

19.Lentil and eggplant ragu

Left to cook for just over six hours, this pasta sauce is easy to make. Just fry the veg then throw it all in your slow cooker to bubble away.

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19 warm and comforting slow cooker recipes (20)
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19 warm and comforting slow cooker recipes (2024)
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