The 20 Best Shirt Brands Every Man Should Know ! (2024)

Wearing the right shirt can let you present yourself as a polished and professional individual. With different brands, cuts, sizes, and designs, however, it can be easy to know what shirt will work best for your needs.

The shirt makes sense as the best friend of every man. It knows the hardships and joys you feel through life. It’s always with you in your happiest or darkest moments. It’s a daily basic large number of men’s clothing, but few men dare to care for it. To show more loving to your favorite shirt, here The Best 20 Shirt Brands will recommend a series of reference knowledge for the masters of men’s fashion! Set your sights on the right shirt brands for you. The $22 billion shirt-buying business is bigger than ever, and if you’re spending that kind of money, it’s smart to know what’s what. We’ve rounded up the best shirt brands for every guy—separated into categories—to help you find your style of upscale luxury or comfy bargain.

20. Van Heusen

Formerly:Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (until 2011)
Products:Apparel, Undergarment, Watches etc.
Services:Manufacturing and retailing
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Moses Phillips, John Van Heusen, Dramin Jones
Key People:Emanuel Chirico (chairman), Stefan Larsson (CEO)

Van Heusen shirt brand is one of the few brands in men’s clothing that has gained a significant market position. It has made a strong presence ethnically and casually. The company has been taking its customers to new levels of dress with its latest and innovative wardrobe pieces. It offers attractive, high-quality products that help men stay ahead of ever-changing trends in the wardrobe department. Van Heusen is a brand of apparel from India. It was established in the early 1940s and produced 100 handkerchiefs a week in a small shop at Kannur. Today, it has grown into a large brand with massive production volumes and global reach.

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19. H&M

Formerly:Hennes & Mauritz
Products:Clothing, Accessories
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Erling Persson
Key People:Stefan Persson (owner)

H&M shirt brand is one of the most selling products in recent years. H&M is a major European retailer that focuses on fashion design and sells popular brand shirts. The name H&M has become more and more popular. People have started using the name H&M on many occasions instead of saying their favorite shirt brand. Anywhere you go in the world, and whatever you wear, an H&M shirt will fit in. There are so many ways, so many designs, and so many models to choose from. You can feel the breath of fresh air every time you wear it. They have different models for you to choose from. And this is how they present their latest price range for you. Their online website has every shirt model provided for your reference and research on their design, size, color, and cost in a very natural manner.

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18. Hollister

Products:Jeans, shirts, jackets, underwear, body care, pajamas, perfume, dresses, rompers, swimwear, shoes, hats, air fresheners, candles, sunglasses, pins, belts, and scarves
Area Served:International
Founder:Abercrombie & Fitch
Key People:Fran Horowitz (CEO of parent company Abercrombie & Fitch)

Hollister shirts are our next most popular clothing brands that exist. The company designs nice t-shirts and other clothes for men, women, and kids. They have a broad collection of various types of apparel, footwear, and accessories. All clothes are fresh, vibrant, and reflect good styles. You can find surf bikinis and swimsuits, A-line skirts, and embroidered tops in their stores. Their store never stops surprising us with new ideas for creating fashionable clothing pieces. This brand is inspired by the board shorts and beach bags you see on a California beach. It’s for those that embrace the fun in life and always find a way to make their summertime last as long as possible.

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17. U.S. Polo

Products:Apparel, Undergarment, Footwear, Accessories
Services:Manufacturing, Retailing
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:H.L. Herbert
Key People:Joseph P. Meyer (Chairman)

U.S. Polo Assn. has a long history of creating great quality garments that exude style and class. The U.S Polo shirt brand is one of the most famous shirts brands in the world and a fashion icon in every sense of the word. It has a rich cultural heritage that makes it one of the most viewed fashion brands in clothes such as shirts, pants, skirts, blazers, coats, and jackets. With the official trademark registered in 1881 as a sport shirt for polo players, it became popular amongst the rich and famous back in the day. Currently, Ralph Lauren would like to bring back the legacy and introduce its line of polo shirt collections that cater to today’s fashion-forward man with quintessentially American style.

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16. Abercrombie & Fitch

Products:Apparel, accessories, personal care, footwear
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:David T. Abercrombie, Ezra Fitch
Key People:Terry Burman
(Non-Executive Chairman)
Fran Horowitz

The A&F shirt brand is a classic staple for the large retailer of clothing and especially one of the renowned shirt brands. They are a style-setting company that influences how people dress and offers high-quality clothing in a wide range of styles and options. Organized in 1892 by David Abercrombie, the company soon began opening its first stores. Popularity for Abercrombie & Fitch grew as celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Eminem began wearing their clothing. Their famous logo was designed by a retired boxer named Sugar Ray Robinson back in 1952. Once Abercrombie & Fitch realized that many of their women were wearing men’s clothing, they decided to design shirts specifically for men.

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15. Guess?

Products:Clothing accessories
Area Served:International
Founder:Georges Marciano, Maurice Marciano, Paul Marciano, Armand Marciano
Key People:Carlos Alberini, CEO, Paul Marciano, Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Creative Officer Maurice Marciano, Director and Chairman Emeritus

Guess is an American clothing brand owned by French company Societe de Provence (under the control of Boussac Group since 1989). The flagship store is located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Guess? This brand is one of the world’s leading international fashion apparel companies. Guess offers women’s, men’s, and children’s body products, shoes, watches, handbags, and accessories through their stores and franchised Guess stores in globally owned retail channels. It started as a wholesale fashion brand. Maurice Marciano serves as the current CEO. Its popularity surged in 1984 after the Guess jeans commercial featuring actress Kim Alexis aired on television.

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14. Prada

Products:Clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes, spirits, cell phones, watches, wines
ServicesManufacturing and Retailing
Area Served:International
Founder:Mario Prada
Key People:Miuccia Prada (head designer), Carlo Mazzi (Chairman & Executive Director), Patrizio Bertelli (CEO), Alessandra Cozzani (CFO)

Prada shirt brand Prada is an Italian fashion house specializing in luxury goods for women and men. The company was authorized in 1913 by Mario Prada as a leather goods store and became a manufacturer of costume jewelry for women in the 20th century. Pradas shirts are famous for their large prints. Some of the more famous prints include (in order of popularity): Stripes, stripes with and without dot matrix, stripped or striped checks, and spotted horses. Each summer, Prada produces a unique design, most frequently one-off variants of previously existing designs. Prada produced a replica clothing line, which is available to the public in select Prada stores.

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13. Allen Solly

Products:Accessories, Apparels, Fashion Accessories
Area Served:International
Founder:William Hollin and Co. Ltd.
Key People:Sooraj Bhat

Allen Solly is a clothing brand specializing in shirts since 1960. Incorporated in 1973, it has its headquartered at the oasis of Kannur, Kerala – a city well known for its aristocratic history, eminent personalities, art forms, and commercial acumen. Allen Solly shirts are characterized by their creative designs with fresh themes every season, finish, and stitching that match international standards and comfort in wear. These qualities make Allen Solly shirts most sought after by people who recognize style, elegance, and modernity in their daily attire. It is the leading premium shirt brand in India. They focus on bringing to the Indian man an amazing shirt assortment that is pocket-friendly yet stylish and sharp.

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12. Vans

Products:Clothing, Fashion accessories, Footwear
ServicesManufacturing and Retailing
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren and Gordon Lee
Key People:Alan Tanouye, John Gallo

Vans shirt brand is a New York-based clothing label that makes some damn good t-shirts. Custom cut with extra length and a slim fit, they make a great base layer for your off-duty uniform and look just as good worn on their own over a pair of jeans. Available in three colors from their online store. Vans Shirt Brand is a new brand of clothing that encompasses the iconic Vans culture in the way they think, feel, and live. Their company strategy is to remain young and innovative but bring all the positive values of their parents at the same time. It is one of those companies that have never held back in its innovations. They introduced the plastic sneaker and never really stopped to look back. Vans shirts have a long history with skateboarding as their basis for creating shoes. Their comfort, signature style, and unwavering resistance to change offer an authentic style to each individual who wears them.

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11. Burberry

Products:Accessories, Clothing, Cosmetics, Perfumes, ready to wear including trench coats (for which it is most famous), leather goods, footwear, fashion accessories, eyewear, fragrances, and cosmetics.
ServicesDesigners, Distributors
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Thomas Burberry
Key People:Gerry Murphy (chairperson), Marco Gobbetti (CEO), Riccardo Tisci (CCO)

The Burberry shirt brand was formed in 1856 by Englishman Thomas Burberry. At the time, the company’s headquarters was located in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. The brand produces and distributes luxury clothing for men and women through over 600 retail stores worldwide. It is most well known for its trench coat, which was designed to keep British soldiers warm while at war in cold weather environments. At the top of the shirt, a signature stripe is woven in the fabric, creating an unmistakable pattern if it is disturbed. The names for Burberry shirts are usually Roman numerals. Burberry has a specialized collar stiffener that does not cause wrinkles and maintains the shape of the collar. This collation is often further complemented by contrast trimming around openings, neck buttons, cuffs on the sleeves, and hemming.

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10. Armani

Formerly:Giorgio Armani S.p.A.
Products:Haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics and home interiors
ServicesDesigning, manufacturing, Distributing and retailing
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Giorgio Armani, Sergio Galeotti
Key People:Giorgio Armani, Cristiano Armani

Armani is one of the top shirt brands. The collection includes men’s shirts only & you can find all the details of the shopping online. You can get The latest updates, news, and stock issues at Armani’s online site. Few dress shirts are as synonymous with quality and craftsmanship as those made by the Armani shirt brand. The brand’s high necklines, crisp collars, and sharp-cut chest pockets have long been a part of the standard set by which all other dress shirts are judged. Since launching its first line of shirts in 1975, the family-owned business has earned a reputation for providing finely tailored clothing for distinguished gentlemen. The brand Armani is a famous clothing brand globally, and its shirts have been selling well over the years. The best-selling series is the Giorgio Armani shirts series.

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9. Hugo Boss

Formerly:FWB: BOSS (Trading name)
Products:High-fashion, Accessories, Footwear
Area Served:International
Founder:Hugo Boss
Key People:Mark Langer (CEO), Michel Perraudin (Chairman)

The Hugo Boss shirt brand is one of the world’s most prestigious shirt brands. They have produced the world’s finest shirts since their foundation in 1924. Hugo Boss is one of the best fashion houses in men’s and women’s wear, producing watches, shoes, perfumes, leather accessories, and more. The label has spawned a variety of Hugo Boss shirt brands. The classic men’s shirts remain refined and simple. The collection is manufactured with the finest quality cotton; as known as Cool-Touch Cotton (which has been specially treated to ensure comfort while wearing). It is famous for its high-quality products like shirts, pants, jeans, bags, watches, etc.

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8. Versace

Formerly:Gianni Versace S.r.l.
Products:Apparel, accessories
ServicesManufacturing, Designing, Retailing
Area Served:International
Founder:Gianni Maria Versace
Key People:Santo Versace (chairman​ and​ president), Jonathan Akeroyd (director​ and​ CEO), Donatella Versace (artistic director)

Versace is one of the famous Italian fashion brands. It offers more than 50 years. Whenever you start thinking about shirt brands’ names, then probably this would be the first on your tongue. This brand combines fashion trends and nostalgic references to make desirable products and impressive designs. Every Versace shirt is made by Italian artisans, using Italian fabrics and techniques. Each shirt is constructed using hand-laid collars and cuffs, not cheap plastic-covered buttons. To keep the details of each shirt perfect and tightly fitted, the shirts are washed with horsehair brushes and steamed professionally. The hairbrushes give a polished look and make sure that the shirt feels soft to the skin.

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7. Nike, Inc.

Formerly:Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. (1964–1971)
Products:Athletic footwear & apparel
Athletic & recreational products
Sports equipment
ServicesRetailing, Designing, Manufacturing
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight
Key People:Phil Knight (Chairman Emeritus), Mark Parker (Executive Chairman), John Donahoe (President and CEO)

Nike, Inc. is a major sponsor of college athletics and the Olympics and is the largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. It’s a recognized symbol representing sports and athletic achievement, bringing inspiration to millions of people every day. Billions of people worldwide are members of the Nikeplus digital community or Nike ID, where they can design their shoes online. A collection of printed T-shirts with simple designs can be designed themselves through Nike ID. Nike, Inc. is the second-largest supplier of sporting goods in the world behind Adidas. It has been a publicly-traded company since October 1980, and its stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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6. Adidas

Formerly:Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory (Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik)
Products:Apparel, footwear, sportswear, sports equipment, toiletries
ServicesRetailing, Manufacturing
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Adolf Dassler
Key People:Igor Landau (Chairman), Kasper Rørsted (CEO)

Adidas is a classic shirt brand, and their shirt is no different and of superb quality. Their shirt features a soft cotton feel, which makes the fit comfortable. The Adidas style never goes out of style, so you’ll be getting wear out of this shirt for years to come. This Adidas shirt is crafted from a soft cotton blend fabric rendered in a vintage blue hue and texture. The contrast is taping at the collar, cuffs, and hem. The round neckline features the signature logo patch to the left. Their regular-fit shirt is finished with a contemporary finish with contrast buttons and Adidas branding to the chest.

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5. Levi Strauss & Co.

ServicesRetailing and Manufacturing
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Levi Strauss
Key People:Chip Bergh (CEO), Harmit Singh (CFO), Stephen Neal (Chairman)

Levi Strauss & Co. shirt brand is a term for Levi’s brand of clothing, which was started in 1853. Levi Strauss, creator of denim jeans. The creation of blue jeans soon turned out to be an amazing success and helped spread the idea of a western lifestyle, including cowboy motifs. Brand Apart: A line of premium shirts and accessories that puts a fresh spin on what Levi Strauss stands for. The American brand didn’t stand still after making its mark on the world of denim. It stayed true to its progressive roots, pushing the boundaries of tradition by creating new washes and fits, as well as iconic pieces such as the trucker jacket and button-down collar shirt.

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4. Gucci

Products:handbags, ready-to-wear, footwear, and accessories, makeup, fragrances, and home decoration
ServicesManufacturing and Retailing
Area Served:International
Founder:Guccio, Gucci
Key People:Marco Bizzarri (CEO), Alessandro Michele (Creative director)

Gucci is one of the world’s diverse famous luxury brands with wallets, shoes, necklaces, and now shirts. Gucci shirt brand has an elegant design that offers a more formal feel. If you want to use their shirt that can match with pants, they amazingly did, and however, if you wear jeans, they go well together. Recently, Gucci has released its new portfolio of leather goods, fashion accessories, and shirts. Besides, the brand comes with various clothing lines, which can be categorized into two groups most men’s shirts and skirts. It seems that shirts designed by Gucci will be the more focused lines this year because it has many special featuring points when compared with other lines of their collections like men’s shirts.

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3. Lacoste

Products:Clothing, shoes, perfumes
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:René Lacoste, André Gillier
Key People:Maus Frères

Lacoste shirts are known worldwide for their bright colors and distinctive crocodile logo, a symbol of quality and fashion. Lacoste shirt brand has inspired the newest way to layer. The more clothes you wear in the Lacoste style, the better. Lacoste is one of the best shirt brands established in 1933. Rene Lacoste, the founder of this French fashion and sportswear brand, created one of the first tennis shirts nicknamed ‘the little white tractor’ due to its resemblance to farmworkers’ attire. Lacoste shirts are instantly recognizable by their iconic polo player logo made from crocodile pelt. Today, Lacoste products incorporate advanced materials, innovative technology, and bold patterns that give you a fresh twist on classic silhouettes.

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2. Tommy Hilfiger

Formerly:Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, Tommy Hilfiger Inc.
Products:Apparel, accessories, fragrances and homewares
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Tommy Hilfiger
Key People:Martijn Hagman (CEO)

Tommy Hilfiger shirt is the luxury brand of clothing that so many other brands try to emulate and appreciate their branded shirts name. This popular shirt brand consistently sets trends with its unique designs. Tommy Hilfiger men’s shirt brand includes stretch cotton, pinstripes, casual collars, and even a buttoned-down collar in a wide neck style. These days, it’s all about the Hilfiger shirt brand. Tommy Hilfiger shirts have been made in America for over 30 years, and there are many different varieties in various fabrications and prints. As always, Hilfiger is focused on quality, fit, and comfort.

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1. Ralph Lauren Corporation

Formerly:Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
Products:Luxury clothing, Footwear, Fragrances, Housewares, Furniture, Jewelry
Area Served:Worldwide
Founder:Ralph Lauren
Key People:Ralph Lauren
(Executive Chairman & CCO)
David Lauren
(Vice Chairman and CIO)
Patrice Louvet
(President & CEO)

The Ralph Lauren Corporation, also known as “the Ralph Lauren Corp.,” is a high-end best-shirts-brands brand, stylized as “Ralph Lauren Corp.” It is an American multinational corporation headquartered in New York City. It is engaged in higher education branding, where it designs, produces, and distributes premium brand clothing, accessories, and home fragrances. The company was established by Ralph Lauren in 1967 when he began selling ties using a stratified distribution system that gave fashionable ties significant exposure. That’s why it is leading on our list of best shirt brands.

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Simply put, we have reached the end of our search for the best 20 shirt brands. These brands offer quality fabrics, advanced tailoring techniques, and innovative styles. Today things are not like they used to be in decades past. The fact is that there are some excellent shirt makers out there who produce high-quality dress shirts of all types, from plain white varieties to those with collars and cuffs and, of course, dress shirts with cufflinks. So, these 20 shirt manufacturers make shirts that we think any guy should have in his closet.

The 20 Best Shirt Brands Every Man Should Know ! (2024)
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