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Clothing brands that are heavily advertised on social media and are very influencer-esque can be a bit sketchy (like many things glorified on the good ole internet).

One of those brands is Selfie Leslie, a brand founded in Australia and now based in California that is best known for its cute and trendy dresses.

We’re here to uncover if Selfie Leslie is really worth the hype or if it’s another influencer gimmick. Keep reading to see our Selfie Leslie reviews!

What is Selfie Leslie?

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Selfie Leslie is an online boutique that primarily focuses on selling dresses, but also offers other trendy clothing for women.

Selfie Leslie was founded in 2012 in Australia and later moved to California in 2016. The brand offers clothing that is feminine, flirty, and stylish.

Though Selfie Leslie mostly advertises its super cute collection of dresses, the boutique also carries tops, bottoms, and even wedding attire!

Selfie Leslie is all about feeling feminine, sexy, confident, and beautiful, which is exactly what this boutique’s clothing emulates.

Selfie Leslie Reviews

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Overall: ★★★★ 4 stars

In general, customers are satisfied with their purchases from Selfie Leslie. The dresses look exactly how they’re advertised, there are a ton of options for every occasion, and the quality is decent (although not amazing).

The biggest pain point seems to be the long-term quality of their dresses, as many shoppers said their orders were not as good of quality as they expected based on the price they paid.

Quality: ★★★ 3 stars

Speaking of quality, every product on the Selfie Leslie website offers reviews, so customers advise taking a look at them before deciding to purchase.

When it comes to fast fashion, unfortunately, not everything can be of great quality, so it’s important to see if other shoppers have vetted for the item you want to buy (this goes for many other stores as well).

Generally, there haven’t been too many complaints about Selfie Leslie’s quality of clothing, but customers do think it’s pricey for similar quality that can be found for cheaper at other fast-fashion department stores.

Price: ★★★ 3 stars

Prices for dresses at Selfie Leslie range from $50 to around $100. However, there are a ton of dresses and other clothing items that are on sale too.

Selfie Leslie is a bit pricey, and some customers think it’s not worth it considering it’s easy finding a similar alternative.However, other shoppers do adore Selfie Leslie and its styles despite the higher prices.

Customer Service: ★★★★★ 5 stars

One thing Selfie Leslie shoppers agree on is that the customer service is unmatched.

Customers can’t stop praising Selfie Leslie’s quick, communicative customer service that goes above and beyond to help out if an issue arises.This can be hard to find, especially in fast fashion companies.

Selfie Leslie Dresses Review

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Selfie Leslie offers any kind of dress you can think of: bodycon, maxi, mini, and knit dresses, among other styles.

As mentioned before, dresses are priced as high as around $100, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for just yet, Selfie Leslie’s filters are there to help!

You can shop for dresses by occasion, length, price, color, and style for easy website navigation.

However, we do wish Selfie Leslie was more size-inclusive. Depending on the clothing item, the biggest size is either XL or XXL.

Selfie Leslie Wedding Review

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Whether you’re looking for a reception dress, a bridesmaid dress, or even a bridal dress, Selfie Leslie has it.

Of course, don’t expect super formal gowns, but Selfie Leslie has wedding attire perfect for simple weddings and small weddings, and also carries outfits for when you want to change out of the big heavy gown!

Selfie Leslie has dresses that are elegant, chic, classy, but still sexy and cute. The best part? Prices are less than $150!

Selfie Leslie Skirts Review

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Not only does Selfie Leslie have an awesome dress collection, but the boutique also carries super cute skirts and rompers!

These bottoms are sexy and oozing with allure and glamour, and can be worn with almost anything.

Selfie Leslie offers lots of different skirts including: midi skirts, print skirts, maxi skirts, and mini skirts.

Skirts are no more than $80 and come in sizes up to XL.

Return Policy

Selfie Leslie offers a 30-day return policy. If you wish to return your items for store credit or make an exchange, the return is free; however, if you wish for a full refund, Selfie Leslie charges $9.75 as a return fee.

Also, items discounted at more than 40% or non-refundable. If an item is discounted and ends in $XX.50, that item is also non-refundable.


Where can I buy Selfie Leslie?

Selfie Leslie is currently only available for purchase online on the Selfie Leslie website.

Who owns Selfie Leslie?

We couldn’t find any information about who owns Selfie Leslie or who the CEO is, which was a bit weird.

Is Selfie Leslie sustainable?

Selfie Leslie is a form of fast fashion, so it is not very sustainable. There is no mention of sustainability or ethics regarding Selfie Leslie’s clothing on the website either.

In Conclusion

So, is Selfie Leslie worth it? We think it’s worth checking out because there are some really cute items on the website, but it’s nothing you couldn’t find anywhere else (and for cheaper).

The biggest highlights of Selfie Leslie are the affordable wedding attire the boutique offers, as well as the nice collection of cute skirts.

Overall, we think the brand is a bit overpriced, but if you do decide to shop from there, make sure to check out the Selfie Leslie reviews on individual items!

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Selfie Leslie Reviews: Are These Dresses Worth It? | ClothedUp (2024)
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