Salmon Fishballs with Herby Spinach Sauce and Cauli-Squash Mash {AIP, GAPS, SCD, Paleo} - Healing Family Eats (2024)

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So. If this recipe isn't the definition of 'nutrient density', then I honestly don't know what is. (Well I could have slipped in some liver, I guess!) I love, love, love salmon and get excited when I see it in my local market, price falling ever lower as the season progresses and I'm truly incapable of walking by without picking up a long fillet of sockeye! I have to say whenever I eat it (which obviously is an awful lot), I really feel like I'm giving my body an enormous gift. A little over the top in sentiment, yeah ok I agree, but it's true all the same!

It has to be wild salmon though, I stopped eating the farmed stuff when I realised salmon wasn't the only ingredient (please read this and this). I do appreciate the fact that here on the PNW coast we have bountiful supplies of several species of wild salmon and the price is incredible compared to what it was in the UK when we were there, so check the freezer department if you can't source it fresh. And if you do find it fresh, make sure to stock up at the end of the season and store it in your own freezer for future use.

Salmon Fishballs with Herby Spinach Sauce and Cauli-Squash Mash {AIP, GAPS, SCD, Paleo} - Healing Family Eats (2)

Salmon Fishballs with Herby Spinach Sauce and Cauli-Squash Mash {AIP, GAPS, SCD, Paleo} - Healing Family Eats (3)

I don't understand anyone not feeling the same way about this finned powerhouse of Omega-3 but as much as I love it, the children feel the polar opposite.If you've been hanging out here for a little while now, you may recall my challenges with the children over the 'dreaded' salmon. My recipe for it baked with gremolata was but a half way house, the gremolata was gobbled up in seconds but then we were back to reminding, encouraging, even cajoling the small people into finishing off the 'dreaded'. Yes they ate it, but it wasn't quite the result I was after. Now, however, I really have well and truly cracked it. Oh yes my friends, my salmon job is all but done and dusted because the food critics love it. I'm still revelling in the deathly silence as they ate their meal and, dare I say it, I even had to slow them down for the sake of their digestion. All that and their empty plates were practically clean enough to veto the dishwasher and go straight back into the cupboard. Yessssss!

Salmon Fishballs with Herby Spinach Sauce and Cauli-Squash Mash {AIP, GAPS, SCD, Paleo} - Healing Family Eats (4)

With the popularity of oatmeal in our house (see here and here), it's rare not to have a glass container of cooked squash* sitting somewhere in the fridge. I mention glass because I recently relegated all my plastic tupperwares to non-food storage since they contain a not so nice co*cktail of nasty chemicals and the BPA free containers aren't exactly pure. As well as being safe when in contact with food,Glass containers aren't that expensive ... particularly if you look out for sets on Amazon or in your local hardware store.

To limit your time in the kitchen, cook a squash in advance, say the night before and keep it covered in the refrigerator until you're ready to use it. See my notes on this postfor how to cook your squash and may I suggest you put a portion aside to make this recipe and use the rest for one of the oatmeal recipes here? 🙂

So, scrolling down the ingredient list, can you imagine your inflammation disappearing? Well wait till you've tasted it friends, you're going to be feeling virtuous and that's a fact.

Salmon Fishballs with Herby Spinach Sauce and Cauli-Squash Mash {AIP, GAPS, SCD, Paleo} - Healing Family Eats (5)

salmon fishballs
1 small white onion, peeled and quartered
590g wild salmon, skin off and cut into chunks
1 tbsp capers packed in salt, rinsed
1/2 cup (20g) fresh coriander, finely chopped
1/4 cup (60g) cooked squash purée *
1 tbsp solid fat for frying

(serves 4)
Print the recipe here

Finely chop the onion in the food processor. Add the salmon, capers, coriander and squash then pulse till mixed thoroughly but not paste-like. Take small handfuls of the mix (I use a 2 tbsp measure), roll into 20 golf ball sized portions and put onto a plate. Refrigerate whilst you make the sauce.

Heat the fat in a large skillet. When it is hot, place the balls around the skillet, being careful not to overcrowd the pan. It is probably best to do this in two batches. Turn the heat to medium and leave the balls for at least 3 minutes before attempting to turn them over. If you try to move them too soon, they will stick to the pan. Brown on all sides until cooked through, approx 6-7 minutes. Set to one side.

herby spinach sauce
1tbspsolid fat (I like duck fat but any will be fine)
1 small white onion, thinly sliced
1/2 tsp turmeric powder (I use this one)
large bunch (250g) spinach, thoroughly washed
1/4 cup (10g) curly parsley, chopped
1/4 cup (10g) dill, chopped
1/4 cup (10g) coriander leaves, chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 cup (250ml) chicken broth
salt to taste (I use this one)

Melt the fat in a large skillet and sauté the onion for around 5 minutes till softened. Add turmeric and cook a further minute. Put the spinach and herbs in the pan and allow to partially wilt before adding the broth. Cover with a lid, bring to the boil and cook 3 minutes. Put the mixture into a blender (probably best done in two batches) making sure to leave the feeder cap open to allow steam to escape, or else it will explode out and upwards! Set aside, keeping warm.

cauli-squash mash
It really doesn't matter which variety you use here. My preference would be for the milder spaghetti squash but I have also made it with butternut and it is equally delicious, just a tad sweeter.

1 small cauliflower
1 cup (250g) cooked squash purée *
2 tbsp solid fat (I like duck fat but any will be fine)
salt to taste

Cut the cauli into florets and put into a large pan, along with an inch worth of water, and bring to the boil. Cover with a lid and cook till tender, approx 10 minutes. Drain, then put the cauli back into the pan or alternatively into the food processor with the 'S' blade. Add the squash and the fat and whizz in the processor or with a hand blender for a short time until you have lovely silky mash. Return to the pan and warm through, adding salt to taste.

* I mostly use spaghetti squash here, as that's the one I use for the "oatmeal" recipes. However, I have used butternut squash for this mash and it is equally delicious.

Salmon Fishballs with Herby Spinach Sauce and Cauli-Squash Mash {AIP, GAPS, SCD, Paleo} - Healing Family Eats (2024)
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