Roasted Chicken Thighs With Cauliflower and Herby Yogurt Recipe (2024)



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I marinated the chicken thighs for several hours and added small, halved yukon gold potatoes. Very nice with the yogurt sauce which I drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with zatar.


Such a great recipe and flavors! A few comments - definitely marinade the chicken for at least an hour or even over night. The flavor is so good but it doesn’t reach the chicken meat. I’d also suggest doubling the season/olive oil mix. The recipe took over the chicken (and I only used half the chicken) so I had to make a second batch for the veggies.


Such a good recipe and amazing flavors. I have only 2 suggestions: 1. Marinade the chicken at least an hour but ideally overnight in the oil/season sauce. The flavors don’t get to the chicken meat if you don’t marinade for a while. 2. Double the oil/season mix. The recipe only covered the chicken but I had to double it for the veggies. So great otherwise!


I added more olive oil thinking there wasn’t enough to cover the veggies. No need to, since the chicken fat slathers the veggies. I had to strain the veggies, there was so much. Just follow the recipe.


There are never enough vegetables when doing a sheet pan meal so I doubled the cauliflower and made 3x the marinade. And then spread the chicken and cauliflower out on two pans. Also, for the marinade, I doubled the spices and reduced the oil by a bit b/c there is so much fat generated from the chicken skin. Based on others comments, I marinated the chicken for most of the afternoon. Definitely would make again.


I did this with skinless, boneless thighs. Doubled the spices in step 2, as recommended by others. The heat level was excellently balanced with the yogurt (though I would cut the red pepper flakes in half if serving to someone heat-sensitive). The mint absolutely made the yogurt sauce — and then saved the rest to make Moroccan mint green tea! Both my partner and I give this one 5 stars for ease of cooking and flavor.


This was delicious! I followed other suggestions of marinating ahead, boosting it by spreading some of the sauce under the skin. Convection heat crisped the skin beautifully.


This was really delicious and easy! Perfect for a weeknight. I took the other readers' advice and marinated the chicken in advance. I also had a red pepper that I threw in because it was going to go bad. It worked really well. Will definitely make again. The yogurt sauce is like tzatziki without the olive oil and with lemon instead of vinegar... I made it as described but couldn't resist putting some olive oil in! Will definitely make again.


This is a very good dish; we enjoyed it so much. The only thing we would like to add is that this dish is one of a few that we like to have chicken skin in it, the recipe makes very light and crispy skin! Very nice.


Based on other reviews, I marinated my chicken for a few hours in the fridge before cooking and doubled the spice mix to have some to toss with the cauliflower. My grocery store was strangely out of shallots, so I used part of a white onion. It was delicious! I think it would be served with salad or green beans. My plate needed a little more color!


Marinated overnight. Made as written. Did not need additional oil or spices. Made baby Yukon golds cut in half in separate sheet pan with olive oil salt and pepper. Delicious amd will make again. Served with chenin blanc viognier blend.


I tripled the seasoning/oil for the chicken, spread under the skin and let marinate for a few hours. Needed more then two tablespoons oil for the vegetables as well. Left out the pepper as eating with a toddler and still delicious.

Kim S.

Yum! Made with boneless skinless chicken thighs and added a couple small red potatoes. Quick, easy and delicious!


The cauliflower is AMAZING this way. If fixed it following the recipe, though next time will make more cauliflower. Based on suggestions, I did marinate chicken ahead of time and that definitely added to flavor. Everything was cooked through at 40 minutes, but I think I'll go longer next time to get it crispier.


The chicken was my least favorite part of this recipe. Might try an overnight marinade (as suggested) OR leave the chicken out altogether and add more veggies. The yogurt sauce was lovely.


Absolutely delicious. I think doubled the seasoning on the chicken, and that worked nicely. The cooling yogurt sauce is an ideal pairing with the smoked paprika. I am keeping this in my rotation!

Sanibel Sally

This was delicious!


Quite tasty and easy. As suggested, I doubled the chicken marinade, and added same spices to veggie mix. It could use more veggies. The cauliflower leaves were good.


this was the best chicken thigh recipe i’ve ever had. the chicken was juicy and crispy on top. deboned the thighs before hand, and should’ve cut cook time down a bit accordingly.


I used curry powder instead of coriander and made about 3x he marinade for the chicken, which I marinated over night. Served it with homemade naan and the yogurt sauce. Very delicious!

Rachel R.

So easy I could do it!


This was soooo good and easy. I used purple cauliflower and more shallots than called for. I think I would like even more cauliflower next time. I served it on faro which added a nice chewy base.

Naptown Reader

This looked so basic I almost didn't make it. Glad I did! I doubled the ingredients as others mentioned for the chicken, and basically made a single "batch" of the spices for the veggies--I didn't have cauliflower so I just used carrots & potatoes. A keeper for sure!


I would double the spices - I could hardly taste them. I skipped the herbs in the yogurt sauce and it was still delicious. Used carrots instead of cauliflower because that’s what I had, but cauliflower would have been better (it would have soaked up the spices/oil more).


This was lovely even with all my subs! Only had boneless skinless thighs so used those and marinated about an hour. Also no cilantro or mint for yogurt so subbed parsley and fresh basil. Ran out of smoked paprika so used a mixture of sweet paprika, ancho chili powder and a sprinkle of cayenne. Can’t wait to try it with smoked paprika next time. Will def make again and again. Might keep my herb mixture for the yogurt though, it was really good with the basil. Served this with rice pilaf.

High in CO

I found the coating with spices and oil to be awkward in a big bowl. I ended up rubbing the chicken with the spice mixture. Maybe I was missing something! Also added some cherry tomatoes to the sheet pan to add a bit more color.


This might be my favorite weeknight recipe. Fat free Greek yogurt works just fine


Simple, delicious, easy to make as is. I always add a green salad on the side. No need to, but of course also easy to improvise on the herbs in the yogurt sauce, and on the veggies on the pan.

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Roasted Chicken Thighs With Cauliflower and Herby Yogurt Recipe (2024)
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