Maplestory Jolting Spirit Detector (2024)

1. [Papulatus] Jolting Spirit Detector | MapleWiki | Fandom

  • [Papulatus] Jolting Spirit Detector ; Talk to Ghosthunter Bob in Path of Time. Enter any map in the Clocktower Bottom Floor. Attack any monster in the Clocktower ...

  • in: Ludibrium Quests, Templates

2. [Star Force] Jolting Spirit Detector - Hidden Street

  • Ghosthunter Bob's spirit detector is going crazy. Ask him if it has anything to do with the fallen light. Ghosthunter Bob says the timing of when the spirit ...

  • Home»Quest»66-200»Ludibrium

3. [Star Force] Collecting New Spirits | MapleWiki | Fandom

4. MapleStory Papulatus Prequest Guide - DigitalTQ

  • 2 apr 2024 · Accept the quest [Papulatus] Jolting Spirit Detector from Ghosthunter Bob. To complete this, head to the bottom floor of the Clocktower in ...

  • Papulatus is one of the oldest bosses in MapleStory and this prequest guide will show you what quests you need to complete in order to battle it.There are thr

5. Maplestory Chaos Papulatus Prequest Guide 2022

  • 31 aug 2022 · Select the [Papulatus] The Light Of Chaos. Then talk to Ghost Hunter Bob. Make sure to grab both quests [Star Force] Jolting Spirit Detector and ...

  • I will be going through a short guide on how to unlock chaos Papulatus for both the normal daily version and the chaos weekly version for 2022. You can access chaos/normal Papulatus via the party window > boss tab > Papulatus…

6. Ghosthunter Bob - Hidden Street

  • ... Jolting Spirit Detector, [Star Force] Collecting New Spirits ... MapleStory and any related images and content are copyrighted by Nexon. ... MapleStory gamers.

  • Copyright © 2004-2015 Hidden Street.

7. MapleStory/Quests/Ludus Lake - StrategyWiki

  • 25 nov 2019 · 3.1 The Clocktower Monster Wipe-Out Operation · 3.2 (Papulatus) The Light Of Chaos · 3.3 (Papulatus) Jolting Spirit Detector · 3.4 (Star Force) ...

  • Party Quests: Cooking with Tangyoon | Romeo and Juliet | Nett's Pyramid | Xerxes in Chryse | Dimensional Crack | Lord Pirate | Escape | Dimension Invasion | Dragon Rider | Kenta in Danger | Resurrection of the Hoblin King- Cross World Party Quests: Moon Bunny's Rice Cake | First Time Together | Forest of Poison Haze | Remnant of the Goddess | Ariant Coliseum- Constant Level Party Quests: Amorian Challenge | Sharenian Guild Quest | Alien Visitor | Hungry Muto- Solo Only: Monster Park | Mu Lung Dojo | Commerci Trade Voyages- Disabled: Fight for Aswan | Crimsonwood Keep

8. Professor Dreamboat/Professor Moon/Doctor Moon

  • 21 nov 2023 · Professor Dreamboat is incorrectly referenced as Professor Moon in "[Star Force] Equipment Star Power" and "[Papulatus] Jolting Spirit Detector" ...

  • Bug type: Text Brief bug summary:

9. GMS v.157 – Shining Star (2014-12-03) - AyumiLove

  • 30 nov 2014 · Jolting Spirit Detector, Lv. 115+, Ghosthunter Bob. New Soul Collection, Lv. 115+, Ghosthunter Bob. Correcting Lost Time, Lv. 115+, Flo. Outlaw ...

  • How bright does your Mapler shine? Find out in the Shining Star update! This new content update introduces Star Force, a new way to enhance your equips.

Maplestory Jolting Spirit Detector (2024)
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