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Everyone has been BEGGING for this recipe!

Especially for the upcoming Holidays, every one wants to impress their friends and family with this PERFECT recipe!!

Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (1)

Its Tender and Juicy and perfectly marbled with fat!
Its also SUPER easy to prepare and to cook- shockingly so!
It will be better than ANY restaurant version you’ve had, I promise!

Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (2)You can do a bone in or bone out, I did bone OUT just for this one because I have a AWESOME video up on my Facebook page showing exactly all the steps on how to make this beauty and its easier to cut (for the videos sake 🙂 ) BUT feel free to use either!!

Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (3)

The seasonings are SPOT ON to create a perfect juicy, but crispy crust!

Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (4)One of the BEST things about this roast is that there is usually something for everyone- The ends are well done for those who don’t like theirs pink & the center should be a nice and pink for those of us who must have our beef on the rarer -side 😉

Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (5)

Some don’t like the fat (i LOVE it) plus, the ‘fat’ is what gives the roast its incredible flavor & helps KEEP it juicy and tender.

1.Prime rib IS very expensive

2. you are paying good money for that fat, so just leave it on!

3. Your butcher should have removed any excess fat anyway 🙂

The most important piece of advice I can give you regarding cooking this prime rib is to use a good quality meat thermometer!

That way you can tell exactly what the temperature of the meat is and make sure its PERFECT for your personal taste.

Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (6)

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Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB!


  • 7-10 pound prime rib roast
  • 10 cloves garlic minced
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons fresh black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons dried thyme
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons melted butter


  • Make sure roast is at room temp before cooking

  • Preheat oven to 500F

  • Combine all ingredients in a small bowl until well blended, set aside

  • Place the room temp roast in a roasting pan with the fatty side up

  • Spread the mixture evenly over the roast

see cooking time note below 🙂

    [[[[The cooking time will vary depending on the EXACT size roast you get. To calculate the cooking time, multiply the exact weight of the roast by FIVE. Round the resulting number to the nearest whole number. The rib is cooked at 500F for exactly that many minutes.

    • For example, for a 6 pound roast: 6x5=30, so cooking time is 30 minutes. Turn the oven off and wait 2 hours before opening the oven door]]]

    Did you make this recipe?

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    1. ricky says

      how can i get my roast just a little more done


    2. Deb Willms says

      Lid on or off the roaster? I’m doing a test run with this tonight. Thanks. 17/12/17


    3. Mark Needle says

      Is the 2 hour wait time the same for any size roast.

      I am really looking forward to trying this on Christmas Day.


    4. Mary Kenney says

      Sounds like a good method, and I think I’ll try it for Christmas.


    5. patricia fox says

      I love using my rotisserie in my toaster oven, could this be cooked in there. I did a Prime Roast once a long time ago, I dont remember how I did it.


    6. Mitch cheney says

      Can’t what to try this for Christmas


    7. Kathy york says



    8. Ree says

      Maybe a dumb question, but I am cooking two 5 to 6 pound roasts at the same time. Do I calculate the time for a 5 pound roast or 10 pound roast? Thank you


    9. Steven says

      Do you add time for high altitude?


    10. diane c says

      Absolutely the best recipe! Was a Hit.


    11. PJ Miller says

      I made this for Christmas Eve dinner using a small end 10# Prime Rib roast. I had the butcher remove the ribs and tie them on so it would roast on top of the ribs to add flavor. The seasoning was perfect. I have a newer oven so not sure if that was the problem but, I roasted the meat for 55 min (thinking more people like medium rare to medium) and it was perfect for my family of 8. My husband & I have 2 slices leftover for our rerun dinner. I also made popovers, loaded mashed potatoes and Arkansas green beans. Received lots of compliments. Thank you!


    12. Barb says

      This way of cooking any roast is great comes out tender and cooked just right. My daughter in law cooks a bottom roun or rump roast the same way and it is awesome, rare n tender..


    13. Beth Mulgrew says

      What temperature should the meat be for medium-rare? I followed the recipe exactly for a 6.32 lb bone-in roast. I was hoping it would come out looking like the nicely browned roast shown in the last picture before the printed recipe, but it came out charred and blackened on the outside and a little too rare for me on the inside. I didn’t use a thermometer. Made it for Christmas dinner yesterday and everyone did like it. Also, is there a particular brand of thermometer you recommend? I generally don’t use them. And is the dried thyme leaf or ground? I used ground and the flavor was a little overpowering.


    14. mikaela says

      I’ve used this method previously and had fantastic results. This time I have two 5lb roasts – can I cook both at the same time, using the same method? If so would my initial cook time while at 500* be based of of a 5lb roast or a 10lb roast?


    15. Vickie L Park says

      how would I cook this if my oven only goes up to 375


    16. William DeBerry says

      I followed the recipe to the letter and the meat was great. I had one problem with smoke and a greasy film inside the oven and on the pan. Any idea of what I did wrong?


    17. Gail bartelt says

      My next years recipe for sure.


    18. Cindy Ciriello says

      Does this recipe work in a gas oven?


      • Dalton says

        Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (7)

        Actually a gas oven is better than electric, as the combustion process actually creates moisture. Electric ovens tend to be a drier heat.

        We cook in a gas oven on convection and it comes out perfectly. Just remember to use a meat thermometer and pull it out when internal temps hit 130F-135F for medium rare.


    19. Barb says

      I have two 3 lb roast with bone in would my cooking time be 3×5 or 6×5?


      • Dalton says

        Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (8)
        I’m guessing you go with the time for just one roast. The idea is to get the inside done enough, which is why you go longer for bigger roasts.


    20. Frances says

      I have two roasts equaling 15lbs. Do I cook for 70 mins?


      • Dalton says

        Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (9)
        No, I’d cook it for the time required for the largest roast.


    21. Jan Lamson says

      These look delicious and would like to save them and try them. Especially the prime rib. Never fixed it that way and excited to try it.


    22. Shaktman says

      Sounds good


    23. Barbara Smart says

      Followed this recipe exactly, used a 5 lb bone in used calculations provided and it came out Perfect and seasoned perfectly. Will surely make this again.


    24. Barb M says

      Followed to the letter…so rare it was not edible. Everything else was timed for the roast. Very disappointing!


    25. Gary N Bills Sr says

      Delicious. Cannot beat the flavor of a herbed crust.


    26. Kathleen DOman says

      Hi we love our prime rib,, personally I would skip the thyme and onion powder and would add a couple of teaspoons of garlic powder instead,, not a critisim just a personal choice, I am sure both ways are great ours turns out awesome every time!!!!!


    27. Jack says

      Having trouble printing


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    30. says

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      A must read post!


    31. cloying says

      Hi there colleagues, how is all, and what you desire to say about this post, in my view its actually amazing in favor of me.


    32. Kim Nickerson says

      Do I cover the roast with foil?


      • Dalton says

        Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (10)
        NO!!!! You want the heat to directly impact the surface to get a good sear.


    33. Kevin Brogan says

      Can’t Print!!


    34. Loree Curfew says

      I am going to try it this weekend. Thank you


    35. Mike says

      Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (11)
      I have done this and it is incredibly delicious!


    36. Mickey says

      Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (12)
      Awesome recipe


    37. Dalton says

      Garlic Crusted PRIME RIB! - My Incredible Recipes (13)
      This is my go-to rib roast recipe. I balk at paying the markup for prime, so I generally buy what’s on sale (select or choice). And that’s almost always bone in. It still comes out AMAZING!!!

      I prefer the bone-in because the meat on the rib bones is my favorite. I just cut the bones off prior to slicing the rest.

      And, just FYI, the two hour time is a suggestion, temperature is an absolute. That is why you need to use a meat thermometer. I pull mine when the internal temperature hits 130F-135F. That is a perfect medium rare.


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