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Merlin was wearing shorts today. Very tight fitting, very short shorts that showed off all of her legs and... emphasised her butt. And Escanor was totally admiring it. It looked very nice.

“You know, staring at her arse ain't going to set her shorts on fire.” Ban whispered, Escanor very quickly jerking his eyes to his book. Ban chuckled.

“Bet you'd like that though, right? Her pulling off those shorts, letting you see what's covering her delicious derrière today.” Escanor wished he'd never mentioned that in a poem. Said poem was written while he was turned on. She'd only been wearing a bra and thong in his dream, and she'd bent over to let him admire her butt.

“Then again... maybe if you asked her, she'd let you peek. She does strike me as the naughty type.” Escanor focused on his work for now. No looking at Merlin. Though... he could see a hint of a dark colour through her t-shirt at the back. Ugh... she'd be the death of him with those distractions she kept giving him.


“You got drawn today, didn't you Merlin?” Diane asked from her spot under her covers. Then again... Merlin was sure Diane didn't wear pyjamas. Unlike her, with the silky black nightie that only just covered her butt. It curved temptingly around the tops of her breasts too. Not that anyone other than Elaine or Diane had saw it... yet. She had half a mind to sneak over to tease Escanor. He was hot... and so fun to tease.

“Wonder if your dare is going to involve him...” Elaine giggled at the thought.

“It might. Though... surely that would be more of a challenge for him than me.”

“You think he's hot, admit it.” Merlin's cheeks flushed a tiny bit at Diane's comment.

“As do most of us. And I would shout that in the courtyard at breaktime; that Escanor is sexy.”

“Maybe that will be your dare and you'll have to shout it.” Diane smirked. Merlin just shrugged.

“I'll find out soon enough, won't I?” She headed to the red room; not bothering to knock and just heading right in.

“Hey Merlin... Thought you'd be like me.” Grayroad gave her a look. Merlin wasn't bothered by the other girl being naked. They were just breasts. She didn't understand why the guys got all excited about them.

“You got a crush?” Derieri asked. Merlin wouldn't call it that. She did flirt with Escanor, but that was more because he was fun to tease than her being interested. She shook her head.

“Not even Escanor?” Melascula teased.

“That's not a crush. That's me teasing him.”

“That's your excuse and you're sticking to it.” Gelda smirked.

“Though... isn't Escanor in your class, Gelda?” Grayroad asked her.

“Yeah he is... ooh! There's an idea!” Merlin felt a little nervous at Gelda whispering to the other three and smirks appearing after they'd heard it.

“I'd bet he'd like to peek your underwear, right?” Gelda smirked.

“Him and probably half of the guys in that classroom.” Merlin shivered at the thought of flashing her bra or panties at them.

“You're going to show him tomorrow.” Melascula looked rather amused too.

“I am not flashing my bra or panties in that classroom.”

“We're not asking you to be wearing them. Mr Hendrickson has a skeleton at the front of the class.” Derieri pointed out.

“And we'd like you to put one of your bras and panties on the skeleton. He'll see them then.” That... didn't sound too bad. She nodded to Grayroad; knowing that people would see her underwear wasn't too much of a problem when she wasn't wearing it at the time.

“We'll leave you to it then. Photo of Mr Skeleton wearing your underwear needs to go on the board by this time tomorrow or... hope you remember the forfeit Merlin.” Melascula smirked. Merlin wasn't scared of doing this dare, so headed back to her room. The lights were off, but she could still see quite well. She dragged off her nightie, before putting on a lacy black bra and matching thong. If you're going to do something, don't do it by halves. She thought, grabbing her phone off her bedside table.

“Do I dare go and see Escanor?” She pondered quietly once she'd headed outside. She realised she didn't want him to know these were hers until later... she could use it to tease him after all. She headed to the science lab. Her phone got put on the desk and she looked at the skeleton. He looked a little frightening in the low light, but she wasn't scared. It was just a piece of plastic anyway. Only real skeletons came to life in horror films.

“Besides... he won't look all that scary once he's wearing these.” She dragged her bra off, shivering a little. It was cold in the lab at night. She carefully put the bra on the skeleton, just managing to fasten it at the back. She giggled softly, that looked ridiculous enough already. She dragged off her panties, feeling cold air caress her whole body. She carefully wiggled the thong up the skeleton's legs, grinning when it clung to its hips. You could see the back of the thong if you looked from the right angle and that was funny. She took the picture and then headed back along the corridor. She paused for a moment at the bottom of the stairs leading to the guys' bedrooms.

“Do I dare tease Escanor?” She pondered. She was stark naked and... he should be asleep. She could lean over him, put her bare body temptingly close to him... Mind made up, she crept up the stairs. She knew which room he was in anyway. He shared with Elaine's brother; in green room. She'd found it funny that the two of them shared the same colour room on opposite sides of the school. She quietly pushed the door open and crept in. She quickly found the bed with the ginger boy in and smirked. She crept over, leaning over the bed in front of him.

“Hi handsome.” She whispered.

“Wonder what you're dreaming of...” She kept up the whispering, leaning forward a little more. It made her breasts hang temptingly close to his face.

“Wonder how you'd react if you were awake right now. My breasts dangling within reach of your lips... would you kiss them? Lick them?” She heard a grumbling noise from behind her and jumped, nervously glancing over her shoulder. Thankfully, it was just one of the other boys snoring.

“I wonder how male you are, handsome. Bet yours is huge. Bet I'd cream my panties after admiring it.” He shivered, cheeks flushing. Merlin wondered if he'd heard her, but saw his eyes were still closed and his breathing was even in a way you couldn't quite replicate while awake. Even so... she felt rather worried that one of them might wake up. And she knew she was an attractive girl and... one of them would make her pose for a picture. She blew Escanor a kiss.

“Sweet dreams handsome. Hope you're dreaming of me.” She headed out of the room and sprinted back to the other side of the school. She couldn't help smirking when she realised what she'd gotten away with. She'd been stark naked over a hot boy's bed... and no one but her would realise. She felt rather smug when she went back to bed.


I'm so nervous... what if brother makes me ask out Gelda? What if he wants me to... to... strip for her... Or for me to steal her underwear, to lick it like he does... Zeldris had felt nervous when his name had been drawn. He was... He was terrified about his brother using his crush against him. Hence he'd said he needed a pee and gone to hide in the toilets. Where he was currently worrying about what his dare might be.

“You okay, little bro?” He hadn't expected his brother to follow him after a few minutes. Zeldris chose not to answer.

I know you're in here. You wouldn't dare go over the other side of the school and talk to Gelda.” Meliodas remarked. What his brother said was true though. There was nowhere else he could have gone. And his brother will have checked the common room first.

“I'm not going to make you do anything involving her, if that's what you're worried about.”

“Really?” Zeldris asked, silently cursing himself for speaking.

“I mean it. Your dare won't involve her... unless you choose it to.” Zeldris wondered what his brother meant. He made his way out of the stall he was hiding in. The two of them headed back to their room.

“Feel better?” Gloxinia asked, obviously also knowing the reason Zeldris took off. He nodded in answer.

“Little bro, your dare is to sneak into the girls' toilets and write something on a cubicle door. Up to you what.” Meliodas told him. Zeldris knew what he was going to write. Like hell was he telling his brother though.


Escanor had had a strange dream. He'd dreamt Merlin was standing by his bed, completely naked. She was whispering in his ear, telling him how sexy she thought he was. How much she wanted to touch him, make him feel good. In his dreams, he was always bolder, and so had dragged her on top of him. She'd knelt over him, letting those breasts dangle over his face. She'd asked if he wanted a treat, squeezing a breast to make her nipple hard. He'd shivered and just started leaning up to give that nipple a suck when his alarm had buzzed. He grumbled, but got up to switch it off before it woke someone else.

“Hey Escanor.” King whispered from his bed.

“Did I wake you?” He asked quietly. Thankfully... his dream didn't arouse him.

“Nah. Was awake anyway.” King yawned, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. Escanor spotted Guardian on the floor near King's bed and hoped silently that the other boy didn't trip over it.

“I could have sworn I saw someone in here last night.” King whispered, aware that the other two boys were still asleep.

“Really? Any idea who?”

“Nope. Think it was a naked girl standing by your bed though. The butt was too curvy to be a guy's.”

“Are you sure you didn't dream it up?” Escanor sounded disbelieving.

If I was dreaming something up...” King's cheeks flushed. You'd dream up a naked Diane and she'd be kneeling over you asking you to squeeze her breasts or something. Escanor realised with a smirk.

“I know.” Escanor knew it had to be about five past seven, which was a little early... but it meant they could go get breakfast. He scrambled out of bed and went to get dressed. Unsurprisingly, King tripped over Guardian and woke up Ban and Helbram.

“Why are we waiting here, again?” Ban asked. It was now nearly time to go to class and here they were, waiting at the bottom of the stairs leading to the girls' bedrooms.

“Because Harlequin wants to go to class with Diane.” Helbram smirked.

Oh sure. Ask her out already, you coward!” Ban teased.

“She... I like what we have and... I don't want me asking her out to ruin what we have.”

“Keep telling yourself that Harlequin.” Helbram shook her his head.

“Yeah, she likes you! I'd bet if you asked her to be your girlfriend, she'd say yes.” Ban nudged him, King's cheeks going pink.

“What you boys doing here? You should be going to class!” Jeramet scolded, before heading past them towards Mr Zaratras' room.

“Looking for us, were you?” Escanor's heart turned a flip. That was Merlin. In a short skirt and... he swore that t-shirt got smaller every time he saw her.

Hi Diane!” King waved to the brunette behind Merlin. Diane did answer, but Escanor was paying little attention. He was too busy watching Merlin make her way down the stairs. Her skirt kept lifting up and exposing more of her legs and...

“Oi, you spacing? I asked if you were going to class now.” Ban waved a hand in front of his face. Escanor nodded, before heading towards Mr Hendrickson's lab. He could hear laughter echoing along the corridor and sped up just a little. He looked confused by everyone else either laughing or giggling at something.

“Oh, hey Escanor. You sleep in?” Arthur asked.

“I've been keeping King company while he was waiting for Diane.” He answered. Meliodas gave him a look.

“Have you seen the skeleton?” He pointed. Escanor made his way to his seat beside the blonde and then looked at the skeleton. His jaw dropped, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks. The skeleton was wearing a black lacy bra and panties which looked vaguely familiar.

“Wish I knew who wore those because... wow would I want to peek up that girl's skirt!”

“Pervert.” Elizabeth grumbled.

“Are they new? Are they yours Elizabeth?” Escanor heard something mumbled from Mael's direction in response. It sounded vaguely like 'god I hope so'.

“They aren't. And if they were I wouldn't tell you, you pervert!”

Wouldn't mind seeing you in something like it... I mean... you'd look delicious.” Elizabeth's cheeks turned red.

“I wouldn't wear it for you.” Meliodas' smirk widened.

So you would wear it then!”

“Back off Meliodas. Don't make me tell on you for harassing her again.” Mael told him off. Escanor had heard something from Mael... so guessed the silver haired boy fancied Elizabeth.

You saying you wouldn't want to see her in a bra and thong, Mael?” Thong?! Escanor hadn't realised it was wearing a thong!

“I... I don't have to answer that question!” Mael's cheeks had flushed though, giving away the answer.

“I can hear you lot along the corridor.” Mr Hendrickson had appeared and made his way to his desk. Escanor snorted; he hadn't noticed the skeleton. Of course, no one was going to tell him either! After a short while, Mr Hendrickson noticed they were all grinning like they were trying to hold back laughter and that they kept glancing at the skeleton. He turned to investigate and his cheeks flushed, making them all laugh.

“Oh! That's... interesting.” He chuckled at it as well.

“I know one of you has done this... but I'm not going to ask who. It looks good on Mr Skeleton doesn't it?” That comment got more laughter.

“It would look better on the girl they belong to.” Meliodas muttered under his breath. Escanor heard him though.

I'm not going to name and shame the girl by asking her to collect these during science later today... but I will name and shame her if they are still there tomorrow. I trust you will pass that information around your cohorts?” It surprised Escanor not at all that both Elizabeth and Nerobasta were quick to answer 'yes Mr Hendrickson'.


Merlin smirked. The class' reaction during science had been brilliant. All of them had laughed at Mr Skeleton wearing her underwear (posed to look like he was trying to hide the underwear from view by Mr Hendrickson at some point, she knew she hadn't done it). Including Ludociel and Drole, who she'd swear never laughed. She had a nasty tease in mind and knew she had to find him to enact it... Thankfully, it didn't take long to find Escanor. Sadly, he was with Meliodas.

“Hiya Merlin. Are Mr Skeleton's underwear yours?” Merlin shook her head. She wasn't telling him that.

Shame... bet you'd look hot in them, right Escanor?” She saw him splutter and look away. His cheeks looked a little flushed though.

“You busy, Escanor?” She asked him. He jumped, looking surprised to have been spoken to. He shook his head. Merlin gestured for him to follow her. She ignored the whistles; only interested in one person at the moment. And he was following her. She headed up the stairs towards the girls' bedrooms, leaning on the wall near her bedroom door. She grinned when he came up the stairs after her.

“Come closer, I have a secret to tell you.” He made his way closer, until she could whisper and be heard by him. She ignored the thump of her heart at being so close to a hot boy like this... where he could lean in and give her a kiss if he wanted to.

“The underwear on Mr Skeleton... it's mine.” His cheeks turned crimson red.


“Yep. I'll show you.” She pulled the picture she took last night up on her phone and showed him it.

“That's just after I'd put the underwear on it.” She smirked at him.

“After taking it off me.” She wasn't sure he could get any redder, but he had. He was imagining her naked, she could tell.

“Naughty girl.” He managed to say after a moment, managing a smirk too.

“You know it.” He chuckled and she grinned wider.

“Bet you'd have liked to have seen me wearing it.” His cheeks turned the red they'd been before. She could tell by his reaction that yes he would have done.

What you thinking about?” He stammered, looking rather flustered. She only smirked, loving this. He was so fun to tease.

“Come on, you can tell me. I won't tell if you're thinking about something naughty...” He only stammered more, face red.

“You... you in that underwear. You'd look devilishly sexy I'd imagine.” He covered his mouth, unable to believe he'd blurted that out it seemed.

“Oh, thank you very much! Flattery will get you everywhere...” Merlin smirked wickedly.

“Because you're been so nice... I'll give you a choice. Top or bottom?” Merlin hoped he got what she was meaning. He looked unsure of what she was getting at.

“Top or bottom?” She put her hands on her hips. He swallowed nervously.

“I'm not sure what you mean.” He answered honestly.

“Choose one.” She didn't answer him. He shivered.

“B-bottom.” Merlin wondered if that was significant.

I need the loo, so... I'll see you later.” She turned and headed towards the toilets. She waited until she was quite close to the door, before lifting her skirt up at the back. She heard the shocked noise, followed by a pleased sounding moan, so knew he'd noticed her flashing her panties... thong at him. A quick glance over her shoulder before she went inside the toilets confirmed his cheeks were crimson and... he was fanning himself, as though he was too hot. Merlin couldn't help grinning once she'd gone inside the toilets. Totally worth showing herself off to anyone who could see for that reaction!


Zeldris had crept up the stairs after lunch. The stairs which led to the girls' bedrooms and toilets. He was thankful no one had followed him. He quickly went inside and hid in a stall. He bolted the door, not trusting someone not to push the door open anyway. He perched on the toilet after closing the lid, before dragging the marker he'd brought with him out of his pocket. He knew what he was writing. Gelda is the sexiest woman alive. He scribbled on the stall door, drawing a zigzag underneath that resembled a stretched out Z to hint who wrote it. He was just about to sneak back out when he heard the main door open.

“Nope. Not doing it.” That sounded like Derieri. Zeldris wasn't all that sure. He was hoping she didn't try to talk to him.

Come on Deri, I will if you will!” Zeldris' heart started racing. That was the sexiest woman alive; Gelda.

“Not in the courtyard. Do you know how many people will mock me for saying it out loud?” Zeldris heard two slams, but the conversation carried on.

“A few probably. Especially the guys.” Gelda answered. Zeldris didn't want to think about what the two of them were doing.

“Exactly! They already mock me, the tough girl, for wearing pink underwear. What's wrong with that? It's not like pink is a sign of weakness!” Zeldris pushed down the Meliodas saying in his head 'wonder if she's wearing pink today'.

They're just stupid. Does he do it?” Gelda asked. Who's 'he'? Zeldris pondered.

“No. He wouldn't say anything. In fact... I'm sure he'd tell me it suited me, or something.” He would have wagered the 'he' she was referring to fancied the panties off her (Derieri always wore a skirt, so he couldn't fancy the pants off her).

“Go on, dare you to shout it. Just in here. Just for me.” There were two flushes from the toilets along from his, then the sounds of two doors opening.

My name is Derieri... and I have a crush on Monspeet!” There was a slight echo. It's mutual; Monspeet fancies her too. I know he drew that heart on her picture... even if he didn't write that message. Zeldris thought.

My turn then... My name is Gelda... and I have a crush on Zeldris!” Zeldris hoped he didn't make a sound. She... she... Gelda fancies me?! Am I dreaming? He hoped not.

“So... now we've both said it out loud...”

Yeah, not telling Grayroad. She'd tell everyone.” Gelda agreed with Derieri.

Ugh... didn't she say we were meant to be doing that homework now?” Derieri complained. The main door slammed and Zeldris took a deep breath to calm himself. Gelda had just admitted she fancied him! And... he knew how he felt. He fancied the panties off her (and he'd run across the courtyard while naked with everyone watching if it meant she'd go out with him, not that he'd ever let that slip to his brother). He just remembered that he needed a picture before he headed out; quickly taking one of him pointing at the message. He quickly ran along the corridor and down the stairs, only stopping when he was far enough away. He decided to print the picture and leave it on the board for everyone to find this evening.


“You know, I looked for that message in our toilets, but couldn't find any with a Z underneath them.”

“That's because little bro took that picture in the girls' toilets, prefect.”

You mean... oh! That was the rule he broke!” Escanor shook his head. He was trying to work out why Tarmiel was in the common room in the first place. It was nearly 8:55 and the prefect was always in the classroom by now. Which meant... something was going on.

“What are you doing hanging around here, anyway?” That was Arthur.

“I believe class starts at five past nine. Why shouldn't I be in here?”

“Because you and Mael are always there at...” Gilthunder had a quick look around. Escanor then spotted Mael wasn't around.

“Where's Mael?” Meliodas asked.

“How should I know? I'm not his keeper.” Tarmiel answered.

“In class probably.” Escanor realised. Putting two and two together... he guessed Mael and Elizabeth were both there, possibly alone.

“He's with Elizabeth, isn't he?” Meliodas jumped up and headed for the door. Arthur and Gilthunder quickly followed, sensing there would be fireworks.

Hey wait! No running in the... oh sh*t, better warn Mael.” Tarmiel scampered after them, phone in hand. Escanor quickly got up and went after the other boys in his class. He found all of them hiding outside the classroom door.

“Why are we hiding out here?” He whispered.

Because Elizabeth and Mael are alone.” Arthur told him. Escanor glanced at Meliodas and saw why the other ginger boy was amused. Meliodas was fuming. Though, Escanor could see that they weren't doing anything to make the blonde angry. They appeared to be studying a book on the table and...

“Elizabeth's cuddling into his side.” Gilthunder told him with a grin. Escanor then noticed what they were getting at and grinned.

“I thought PDA was against the rules, prefect.”

Groping girls' butts and breasts without permission is against the rules. Cuddling up while studying isn't.” Tarmiel sounded smug; possibly because of how wound up Meliodas was getting by this. It wasn't like Mael was doing anything rude, or Elizabeth was on his lap or anything.

“Uh, guys... I've just saw Mr Hendrickson coming from the teacher's lounge.” That was Jericho, who'd joined them with the rest of the girls in their class.

“Oi, lovebirds! That isn't where you sit!” Mael almost jumped out of the seat in shock. Meliodas looked rather smug at startling him like that. Mael made his way over to where he sat.

“Thanks for the help.” Elizabeth told him. Apparently, she wasn't bothered she'd been cuddling up to Mael.

No problem. You know I'm happy to help you.” He scratched at the back of his head. Yeah, I'll bet! You want in her panties! Escanor thought, voice sounding suspiciously like Meliodas.

“Did you enjoy your study session, Elizabeth?” Nerobasta asked, sliding into her seat, where Mael had been sitting.

“It was helpful. Those chemical formulas were so awkward.” Elizabeth answered.

“So... you and Mael had chemistry, huh?” Gelda teased. Mael's cheeks turned pink.

“Yeah.” Elizabeth answered, not realising the joke. It made Meliodas look more annoyed and the girls giggle.

“Was he nice and warm?” Jericho smirked.

“Did you like cuddling her?” Tarmiel asked Mael at the same time.

“That was the easiest way to see the book!”

“Leaning together like that was the easiest way to share the book!” Both Elizabeth and Mael looked rather flustered. Thankfully, they were saved from further grilling by Mr Hendrickson coming in the door. He made his way to his desk quietly and the class quieted down.

“So... who do you think they belong to?” Meliodas indicated the skeleton with his thumb. Escanor had a look, spotting a pair of red briefs where Merlin's thong had been yesterday. He pushed the thoughts of Merlin out of his head because... She'd flashed her thong at him, showed him that delicious derrière... It had been so hot...

“Escanor, I asked you a question.” He jumped, before working out what was asked.

“Not one of us.” Escanor answered.

“They can't be a girls'; they look like what we wear.” Meliodas pondered, before snorting.

“You don't think they're a teacher's underwear do you?” I do now. Escanor thought.

“Now, let's see if a gi-...” Mr Hendrickson's cheeks turned bright red when he'd turned to look at the skeleton. Escanor, and everyone else in the class started laughing; realising who the underwear belonged to.

“Knock knock.” That was Mr Dreyfus at the door. He invited himself in, Mr Hendrickson looking rather flustered.

“Oh, I see the underwear on the skeleton has been changed. It looks nice, doesn't it?” He asked the class. Most of them nodded, because they could tell it was flustering Mr Hendrickson more.

“Though... I'd imagine it would look better on the owner of it, wouldn't it?” Mr Dreyfus had turned a knowing look at Mr Hendrickson before winking at the class. He showed himself out, leaving Mr Hendrickson to deal with a class who was laughing at him.


Meliodas was still annoyed with Mael. It had felt good chucking water at him though. There were no rules which stated chucking water at the prefects wasn't allowed. Hence... the girls got to check out the silver haired boy's muscles through his top. Meliodas had made sure to soak him; it acted as payback for cuddling up with Elizabeth this morning.

“What was this I was hearing about Mr Skeleton wearing underwear this morning too?” Gloxinia asked, dragging Meliodas out of his memory.

“Oh... It had a red pair of men's briefs on it this morning. Which Mr Dreyfus informed us belonged to Mr Hendrickson. He got so flustered!”

“Photo, or it didn't happen. It wasn't there by the time we had science.” Gloxinia folded his arms. Meliodas brought up the picture he'd taken while Mr Dreyfus had been talking to the class. The red haired boy started laughing when he saw it. Mr Dreyfus was turning a knowing look on Mr Hendrickson (who had crimson coloured cheeks) with Mr Skeleton sporting the red briefs.

“Of course it wasn't there! Mr Hendrickson wouldn't want all of us seeing his underwear!” Zeldris remarked, waving the folder at his brother. Meliodas grabbed it and drew a name out. He immediately turned it around, Drole smirking at who it was.

“Gonna be fun daring him.”

Do You Dare? - Chapter 11 - EHSparkwoman - 七つの大罪 - 鈴木央 | Nanatsu no Taizai | The Seven Deadly Sins (2024)
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