Bahria Town Karachi Postal Code (2024)

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  • Below are the exact Karachi area code details for you: POSTAL CODE AREA POSTAL CODE AIRPORT 72500 BALDIA TOWN 75760 BAHRIA TOWN 75340 BOARD OF SECONDARY ...

  • The complete list about the Karachi postal code, Karachi area code and Karachi Zip code. Below are the exact Karachi area code details for you: POSTAL CODE AREA POSTAL CODE AIRPORT 72500 BALDIA TOWN 75760 BAHRIA TOWN 75340 BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION 75150 CANTT. 75530 CITY GPO 7100 CLIFTON 75600 COD 75250 DARUL-ULOOM 75180 DEFENCE […]

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  • Bahria Town, 75060, Gulshan-e-Iqbal GPO, Sindh, 75061. Defence Phase-VI, 75560, Karachi Saddar GPO, Sindh, 75561. Ghundo Chowk, 23242, Mardan GPO, KPK, 23243.

  • Sialkot GPO

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  • 4 jun 2024 · Karachi Orangi Town GPO, 75800, Karachi, Sindh. Karachi Federal B ... Rawalpindi Postal Code Number, Sadiqabad, Bahria Town, Satellite Town.

  • We Have Shared The Karachi Zip Codes And Postal Code List Area For National and International Users to Dial Before the Call or to Send

4. Bahria Town Postal Codes - Check latest Zip code

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  • Karachi Postal Codes List 2024. AREA, POSTAL CODE. AIRPORT, 72500. BALDIA TOWN, 75760. BAHRIA TOWN, 75340. BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, 75150. CANTT. 75530.

  • Karachi, the city of lights, is the largest and most populous city in Pakistan, with a rich cultural and historical heritage. To facilitate the delivery of mail and other items to and from different areas of this vast urban hub, the city is divided into various postal codes. Each code represents a specific region or […]

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  • 28 nov 2022 · Bahria Town, 53720. Balloki, 55210. Barki, 53200. Chah Miran, 54900. Chuhang ... Karachi Postal Codes. These are the postal codes for Karachi ...

  • Postal codes in Pakistan allow quick sorting and timely delivery of mail to the intended recipient. Click here to check out the postcodes for major cities.

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  • These are the postal codes for Karachi. Area Name, Postal Code. Buffer Zone, 75850. Al-Hyderi GPO, 74700. Baldia Town, 75760.

  • Sending mail within Pakistan? Following is the list of all Postal Codes in Pakistan to ensure timely and safe delivery of your mail.

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  • KARACHI BALDIA TOWN. 75760. Karachi Alhydri GPO. Sindh. 75761. KARACHI BOARD ... RAWALPINDI BAHRIA TOWN (PHASE 1, 2, 3, 4). 46220. Rawalpindi GPO. Punjab. 46221.

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  • Customer Support Center, Super Highway, Bahria Town Karachi. ... Bahria Town Head Office, Central Business District, Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. P. +92 51 ...

  • Bahria Town's 24/7 contact number is 0800 00100. It is Bahria Town’s official number, where you can get answers to your queries, related to Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, and Bahria town Islamabad.

11. Postal Code 74200 - Karachi, Sindh - Cybo

  • Postal Code 74200 - Karachi, Sindh. Pangunahing Siyudad, Karachi. Area Codes ... Bahria Town Karachi, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 74200, Pakistan · Karachi.

  • Postal Code 74200 ay nasa Karachi. Malapit sa Postal Code kabilang ang 74000, 74400, 74550, 74600, 74700, 74800, 74900, 75010, 75070. Tingnan ang mga mapa para sa iba pang impormasyon tungkol sa Postal Code 74200 na nasa Cybo.

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  • Q: What is the postal code of Bahria Town Lahore? A: The postal code of Bahria Town Lahore is 53720. Q: What is Lahore Cantt Zip Code? A: The ...

  • shares an updated list of Lahore’s postal codes that can help you to sort and deliver mail efficiently and accurately.

13. PMG Office (Kp-2135) Postal Code Karachi - Zip Code -

  • P.M.G Office (Kp-2135) Postal Code Karachi - Zip Code. P.M.G Office (Kp ... Bahria Town, Safari Park Karachi, Rana Resort Safari Park, Beach View Park ...

  • P.M.G Office (Kp-2135) postal code Karachi is 07571 – Zip code P.M.G Office (Kp-2135). Experience seamless swift mail delivery with precise postcode. Explore quick P.M.G Office (Kp-2135) postal code Karachi.

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  • KARACHI ALHYDRI GPO. 74700. Sindh. 28. KARACHI CITY GPO. 74000. Sindh. 29. KARACHI ... NEW TOWN GPO. 74800. Sindh. 58. NOWSHERA GPO. 24100. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 59.

  • Following is the List of postal codes in Pakistan. Serial No GPO Name Post Code Province 1 ABBOTTABAD GPO 22010 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2 ATTOCK GPO 43600 Punjab 3 BAGH GPO 12500 Azad Kashmir 4 BAHAWAL NAGAR GPO 62300 Punjab 5 BAHAWALPUR GPO 63100 Punjab 6 BANNU GPO 28100 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 7 BATKHELA GPO 23020 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa[…]

Bahria Town Karachi Postal Code (2024)
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