9 Best Places to Find a Trailer Hitch Installer | Road Trucks (2024)

There are many reasons why a trailer hitch installer may be useful, so it is important to be aware of places around where you could easily get a trailer hitch installation completed.

Luckily, the internet is a great place to find trailer hitch installers. Listed below are some companies that can install a trailer hitch on your vehicle, so you can find one of their many locations that are conveniently located near you.


  • 1 9. U-Haul
  • 2 8. Pep Boys
  • 3 7. Amazon Home Services
  • 4 6. Autozone Autoparts
  • 5 5. O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • 6 4. Rhino Linings
  • 7 3. Advance Auto Parts
  • 8 2. Tractor Supply Company
  • 9 1. NAPA Auto Part

9. U-Haul

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U-Haul is a moving truck, trailer, and self-storage rental company. Initially based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company possesses locations in different parts all over the country, making it potentially one of the most recognizable names on this list and arguably the easiest station to find trailer hitch installation services at.

The company professes to be North America’s premier trailer hitch installer, boasting over 1500 install locations all over the continent, all guaranteed to satisfy all your hitch installation needs. As explained on the company’s official website, “All trailer hitches sold and installed at aU-HaulMoving Center come with the option of a lifetime warranty plan guaranteed to replace your hitch with no limitation for any damage, including collision, corrosion, accidental overload, jackknifing and vehicle theft. A wiring service plan is also available. This covers repair and replacement of any damage to your wiring setup for up to two years.”

So, what are you waiting for? Look up the closest U-Haul location to you, and visit them for all your hitch installation needs, or you could visit their website. If you are wondering what trailer hitches they have, their website is a great place to visit.

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8. Pep Boys

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Pep Boys is a nationwide leader in automotive services, parts, and accessories. Much like U-Haul, it offers premier services and satisfaction to take care of all your hitch, trailer, and towing needs and boasts many locations and service stations all over the country, so there is guaranteed to be a location close or not too far from you.

The company website guides customers first to find an appropriate hitch that fits their vehicles. Customers can then call to make an appointment and visit one of their stores for installation or other services.

7. Amazon Home Services

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Another option to check out would be Amazon Home Services. As opposed to the generic setting of going to a company store or location for tow installation assistance, Amazon Home Services functions by connecting customers in need of trailer installation services with professional installers either directly in their area or close enough to them.

Unfortunately, the service is only available in a few select cities nationwide but is reported to be gradually expanding and will be able to provide expert service to even more cities in the future. Nonetheless, customer online reviews have been nothing short of impressive, with 91 percent of users claiming to have been left highly satisfied out of 300 plus customer reviews.

6. Autozone Autoparts

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Another retailer of automotive parts and accessories, AutoZone is arguably the largest and best in the nation at what they do. The company boasts over 6,400 stores across the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Like many already on the list, with so many locations and service stations available, there is bound to be a store near you. Call or visit their website to set up an appointment to satisfy your hitch installation needs.

5. O’Reilly Auto Parts

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Based in Springfield, Missouri, O’Reilly Auto parts is another nation-leading supplier of automotive parts, tools, equipment, accessories, and services. The company also boasts a plethora of stores and shops in various locations all over the nation, which provide trailer hitch installation services to customers in need of them.

4. Rhino Linings

Another option on the list is Rhino Linings. With more than a quarter century of experience, Rhino Linings are another tried, trusted, and tested option for older and potential new customers needing assistance with their tow hitch installations. According to the company’s official website, “Our global applicator network consists of more than 2,000 independently owned and operated businesses in almost 80 countries. With this global recognition, Rhino Linings continues to expand its brand and product offerings in various retail and commercial industries.”

Hitch installations are just a variety of services the company offers on its website and its various locations all over the country.

3. Advance Auto Parts

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Advance Auto Parts are another automotive auto parts and services provider based in North Carolina. In addition to its already impressive list of services, the company also provides tow hitch and tow hitch assistance to customers through its website or any of its locations nationwide.

According to the information found on their website, “Advance carries a wide variety of towing essentials like receivers, mounts, brake controllers, trailer balls, hitch pins, wiring adapters, and trailer lights to make towing easier and safer. We carry the following main brands; Carquest, CURT, Optronics, and Hopkins.”

The company’s official website also provides basic and important trailer hitch information and advice, including how to install a tow hitch, the different types of tow hitches, and common trailer hitch accessories.

2. Tractor Supply Company

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The Tractor Supply Company is another good and efficient place where customers can get hitch installation assistance. Their official website provides a comprehensive list of trailer hitch parts and accessories for customers who may want to self-install their hitch. For professional assistance or guidance with their hitch installations, customers are welcome to call or visit a Tractor Supply Company Location near them.

1. NAPA Auto Part

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Another supplier and distributor of automotive auto parts, accessories, and services. NAPA Auto Parts also offer trailer hitch services, including installation and accessories. The company, like many others on this list, also boasts locations throughout the nation where customers could go in and get installation assistance or advice. Their website also contains various hitch installation parts and accessories customers could look into.

9 Best Places to Find a Trailer Hitch Installer | Road Trucks (2024)
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