75 Fun & Creative Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas - LVD Letters (2024)

75 Fun & Creative Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas - LVD Letters (1)

What to bring for your school’s “Anything But A Backpack” spirit day

This post is all about Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas.

Elementary schools, high schools, and summer camps alike love having the fun spirit day where students bring their supplies in anything but a backpack. There are endless opportunities with this popular school spirit day but in this post, you’ll find over 100 fun & creative Anything But A Backpack Day ideas!

Whether you’re just looking for something around the house that you can grab, or whether you want to go all-out and buy an odd object for your child to lug to school, I’m certain this post will have the best ideas that will leave people laughing.

Different schools have different rules about what you can bring, so check with your school’s rules before picking from this list. But based on the common rules of the game, here’s a list of over 100 ideas of items that can take the place of backpacks.

This post is all about Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas.

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105+ Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas:

First, it’s important to consider the rules of Anything But A Backpack Day.

The main rule across the board is that you can’t bring traditional backpacks, but you’ll also want to check your school’s policies and real rules to ensure you’re not breaking any of the school’s specific guidelines.

Of course, you also shouldn’t bring any weapons, alcohol containers, or anything else that could potentially be harmful to fellow students! Be wise and responsible, but have fun.

This list will give you some of the most creative ideas to celebrate this themed spirit day in a safe and fun way.

1. Sleeping bag

You can sure fit a lot of school supplies in a sleeping bag!!

2. Bird cage

This one might be tricky because… where are you supposed to put the birds for the day? But if you do happen to have a bird cage lying around, this would be so funny.

3. Guitar case

This one is genius for any music-loving student!! And it’s still easy to carry which is a plus!

4. Doll house

It would be so funny to bring all your school stuff in a cute doll house. Definitely not the easiest to carry, but you’ll turn some heads!

5. Pillow case

Whether a decorative pillow or a regular pillow, this is an easy backpack alternative!

6. Hollowed-out guitar

I wouldn’t recommend ruining your perfectly good guitar for this, but if you happen to have an old guitar that isn’t usable anymore, I think using it as a backpack one of the most fun ideas! You can also repurpose this into aDIY guitar shelfafterwards.

7. Traffic cone

A traffic cone is one of those funny things you can use for Anything But a Backpack Day.

8. Fishing net

This is such a random but great idea!

9. Gift bag

Everyone’s got old gift bags lying around their house waiting to be repurposed. Why not repurpose one for this fun spirit day theme?

75 Fun & Creative Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas - LVD Letters (2)

10. Shoe box

You probably have a random shoe box lying around, so this day is a great way to put it to use!

11. World map

I love the idea of using a world map to wrap up school supplies for this theme day.

12. Mini fridge

This would definitely be quite the challenge to haul around, but certainly a memorable idea!

13. Skateboard

Why bring a regular backpack when you can roll your stuff into school?!

14. Plastic milk crates

This is the perfect idea if you already have plastic milk crates lying around. Plus, this backpack alternative will fit so many items!

15. Trash can

Everybody has trash cans, so they’ll make for great alternative bags!

16. Coffee maker

Why not include some kitchen appliances in our list of inventive alternatives to backpacks?!

17. Food delivery bag

If you have a pizza delivery bag or Door Dash delivery bag, that would be a great Anything But a Backpack Day idea (and it would keep your lunch fresh which is a bonus!!)

18. Bread box

This is the best thing for someone who wants to be creative but doesn’t want to spend lots of time hunting down their backpack alternative.

19. Toy chest

This is one of those random and funny household items that you just might have. If so, it’s a unique idea!

20. Mom’s purse

Just make sure you give her back her wallet first! ?

21. Dad’s briefcase

Dad’s briefcase is a convenient backpack alternative for any school day because you’ll be able to fit everything you need inside it!

22. Kiddie pool

I don’t know how practical it is, but this is one of the most hilarious ideas for Anything But a Backpack Day.

23. Bedsheets

Bundle up your school supplies in a bedsheet and you’re good to go!

24. Suitcase

A suitcase is a really simple item you can use in place of a backpack.

25. Laundry hamper

Grab a laundry basket and throw all your school stuff in it. Voila!

26. Shopping cart

I don’t know where you’d get a shopping cart (don’t steal one, that’s against the rules), but you could use a toy shopping cart instead for this!

27. Wheelbarrow

If you’ve got a wheelbarrow, that’s a great option!

28. Wagon

That old red wagon collecting dust in your garage has been waiting for this very moment!

29. Hollowed out watermelon

This is such a random but funny idea and I think it would be so fun to do.

30. A piñata

This is a great excuse to buy candy! Just get a piñata, hollow it out, and you’ve got your “backpack” right there!

31. Popcorn bucket

You can literally buy these at the dollar store and I think it would be such a cute idea!!

32. Pizza box

Chances are you have one in your recycling pile as we speak

33. A tent

For the camping enthusiasts!!

34. A teepee

I mean, if you can make it happen, why not?!

35. Toolbox

Next on the list of perfect items you’ll find in your garage…

36. Lobster trap

Okay I don’t know who would actually have a lobster trap unless you live by the ocean or know someone who catches lobsters butttt if you can make it happen I think this is genius!!

37. Fishing tackle box

Which is like, the next best thing to a lobster trap ?

38. Watering can

If you’re looking for different ways to make use of household items, this is a great option!!

39. Life jacket

I guess you could bundle up all your stuff in the life jacket and clip it together… Just trying to give you creative alternatives here!!

40. Board game box

You’ve probably got board games lying around, so just borrow one of the boxes for the day!

41. A tire

Bringing your stuff to school in a car tire would certainly turn some heads!!

42. Trophy

Got an old championship trophy? Repurpose it into a backpack alternative!!

75 Fun & Creative Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas - LVD Letters (3)
75 Fun & Creative Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas - LVD Letters (4)
75 Fun & Creative Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas - LVD Letters (5)

43. Stanley cup

No, not the trophy kind… I’m talking aboutthese Stanley water bottlesthat lots of people have!!

44. A cooler

Whether it’s a hard cooler or a soft cooler, it’ll work!!

45. A mailbox

This is another one of those hilarious items that nobody will expect.

46. An inflatable raft

I don’t exactly know how you’d make this work, but it’s worth a try, right?!

47. A kayak

This option is probably better for a high school kid rather than someone in elementary school because of the size, but I think it could work!

48. Remote control toy truck

Drive your school stuff to class in a remote control truck instead of carrying it!

49. Picnic basket

Honestly, a picnic basket is definitely an effective option!!

50. Storage container

You know those big storage containers that you use to store stuff in the basem*nt, closet, or garage?! Yeah, that’s one of the easiest (and biggest) backpack ideas.

51. Pet carrier

A pet carrier is such a good idea for Anything But a Backpack Day!!

52. Camera bag

If you’ve got a camera bag lying around, just take the camera out for the day and put it somewhere safe while you take the bag to school!

53. Duffel bag

Having a duffel bag with a shoulder strap will definitely make your stuff easier to carry around all day.

54. Pasta colander

Anyone who likes cooking could use a pasta colander for this!!

55. Blender with a removable blade

I highly advise only using a blender with a removable blade (and taking out the removable blade & leaving it at home so no one gets hurt) but otherwise, this would be one of the funniest ideas!

56. Giant mug

If you happen to have a giant mug lying around, see how much you can squeeze into it!!

57. Dog crate

This would be quite the contraption to carry around school all day!!

58. Shower caddy

This is a really easy but creative option!

59. Dolly

You know, like a utility dolly? You could wheel your stuff around on it all day!

60. Roller skates

It would be so funny to stuff all your school stuff into roller skates.

61. Ice skates

Keep skate guards over the blades to make this a safe option, but if you can do so then ice skates would be such a funny thing to use to carry your school supplies!

62. Ski boots

These might be a little heavy to carry around all day but definitely funny!

63. Baby stroller

Baby carriages or baby strollers would be such a convenient and unexpected way to carry your belongings!

64. Toy car

You’d probably need a bigger size toy car for this, but if you have a younger sibling, you’ve probably got something that will work!

65. Chic tote bag

If you’re feeling less creative and just want something practical, carry a chic tote bag. A tote bag is a great way to still participate in this part of spirit week without going all-out.

66. Cereal boxes

Bonus points if it’s your favorite type of cereal!!

67. Cat carrier

Cat carriers would be another unexpected item!

68. Water bottle

You probably can’t fit everything in a water bottle, but you might be able to cram in some pencils and pens!

67. Car seat

This is a good idea if you’ve got some old baby car seats lying around.

68. Mop bucket

Another excellent opportunity to use a regular household item!

69. Fanny packs

I think it would be funny to bring as many of these as you need to fit all your school stuff!

70. Shopping bag

If you’re not feeling so creative, you can simply use a shopping bag.

71. Knee-high boots

This wouldn’t be the most convenient, but it would be kind of hilarious to try cramming all your stuff into knee-high boots.

72. Cowboy hat

A cowboy hat is a great way to bring some school spirit on this special day!!

73. Christmas stocking

Dig a Christmas stocking out of the storage closet or off the mantel and use this for your Anything But a Backpack Day!!

74. Pot for a plant

You’ve probably got empty pots lying around somewhere, so if you can find one that’s not too heavy, this is a great idea!

75. Beanie or winter hat

Stuff as much stuff as you can into a beanie and carry it that way!

75 Fun & Creative Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas - LVD Letters (6)

This post was all about Anything But a Backpack Day ideas.


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