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5 Ingredient Corn Casserole is in the oven for less than five minutes. It’s the perfect side dish for the holidays with almost no effort at all!

This super easy side dish goes perfectly with almost any dish. Try it with the Best Ever Chili, this easy Perfect Air Fryer Steak or for your holiday dinner with this Oven Baked Herb Turkey.

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5 Ingredient Corn Casserole Recipe

This super easy, no-fail, comfort food side dish goes with any meal, from your weekday dish to a special holiday. This will become a tradition for sure. Corn works as a side dish so well because it goes with everything, and this recipe is no exception. The creamed corn brings in a sweet taste, while the cornbread mix brings the most perfect texture.

This side dish is so easy you’ll find yourself memorizing the recipe and sharing it with everyone who tries it! Serve it with your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. Or do as I do and use it all year long! When a recipe takes less than 5 ingredients and less than 5 minutes to prepare, you can bet I will use it as much as possible!

Ingredients in Baked Corn Casserole

Since this casserole has only 5 ingredients, this list is short and sweet! But don’t let that fool you. It is packed with delicious flavor! Check out the recipe card at the bottom of the post for all of the exact measurements.

  • Corn Muffin Mix:This is the most important ingredient in your casserole. Don’t leave it out!
  • Whole Kernel Corn: Make sure to drain your can of whole kernel corn.
  • Creamed Corn: You don’t want to drain this corn.
  • Sour Cream: This adds a creaminess to the texture and binds everything together.
  • Butter: I use unsalted butter in this recipe.

What if my Casserole is Dry?

If you find it has trouble binding together or it’s too crumbly for you, add in 2 large eggs to help it all stay together.

How to Make 5 Ingredient Corn Casserole

With a creamy texture on the inside and the perfect golden crust on the outside, this is the best quick casserole for any occasion!

  1. Prep: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray an 8×8-inch baking pan with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Combine: In a large bowl, add the corn muffin mix, corn, creamed corn, sour cream, and melted butter. Stir together until combined. Pour into the prepared pan.
  3. Bake and Serve: Bake uncovered for 45-55 minutes or until lightly browned. Serve warm and enjoy!

Can I Double this Corn Casserole?

Yes! You can double this recipe if you are serving dinner to a large crowd. Double the ingredients and place them in a 9×13 pan. Cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 55-65 minutes. Add additional time if needed until the top is golden brown.

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Variations for Corn Casserole

Here are a few ways to change up this 5 ingredient corn casserole!

  • Add some Heat: For a bit of spice, add a 4-ounce jar of chopped chilis and 2 teaspoons of cumin.
  • Make it a Jalapeno Popper Corn Casserole: Add cheddar cheese, sliced jalapeños, and small dots of cream cheese for a jalapeño popper version.
  • Bacon and BBQ: Combine chopped bacon and cheddar cheese and serve with a small topping of BBQ sauce for a BBQ version.
  • Make it Tex-Mex: Turn this into a Tex-Mex dinner by topping with taco meat, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and sour cream for a taco casserole version.
  • Make it Street Corn: Top with cotija cheese, cayenne pepper, and additional sour cream for a Mexican street corn version.
  • Add some Cheese:Stir in 1 cup of any of your favorite shredded cheese.
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Storing Leftovers

You can easily store leftovers of this casserole (if you are lucky enough to have some)! Here is how you can make them last a few days:

  • In the Refrigerator: This will last for one week in an airtight container in the fridge. You can reheat it in the microwave.
  • Can I Freeze Leftovers? I don’t recommend freezing this five ingredient corn casserole.
  • Make it Ahead of Time: This is so easy to make, I recommend putting it together just before cooking, but you can prepare it ahead of time. Combine all of the ingredients together in the casserole dish and store it in the fridge. Let the dish come to room temperature before baking it. If you need to though prepare the night before and before cooking bring the dish to room temperature.
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5 Ingredient Corn Casserole

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By: Alyssa Rivers

5 Ingredient Corn Casserole in the oven in less than five minutes, it’s the perfect side dish for the holidays with almost no effort at all!

Prep Time: 5 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes minutes

Total Time: 50 minutes minutes

Servings: 8 People



  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray an 8×8-inch baking pan with non-stick cooking spray.

  • In a large bowl add the corn muffin mix, corn, creamed corn, sour cream, and melted butter. Stir together until combined.

  • Pour into the prepared pan.

  • Bake uncovered for 45-55 minutes or until lightly browned.

  • Serve warm and enjoy!



Updated on November 13, 2023

Originally Posted on September 13, 2017


Calories: 133kcalCarbohydrates: 17gProtein: 3gFat: 7gSaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 15mgSodium: 261mgPotassium: 173mgFiber: 1gSugar: 3gVitamin A: 220IUVitamin C: 3.6mgCalcium: 33mgIron: 0.4mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Side Dish

Cuisine: American

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5 Ingredient Corn Casserole - The Recipe Critic (2024)


What is the difference between corn casserole and cornbread? ›

Corn casserole is a dish that mixes cornbread with whole kernel corn, sour cream, butter, and cheese, along with some creamed corn to form a new dish that has cornbread as its base.

Why is my corn casserole runny? ›

If your corn casserole is runny, it could be because of the extra moisture that was in your corn kernels. If you want to try baking it longer to see if it thickens, make sure to cover the baking dish with aluminum foil, not to burn the top.

How long is corn casserole good for? ›

Storage. This cream Corn Casserole recipe is so moist, the leftovers stay perfectly tender for days! To store, let casserole cool to room temperature, cover a couple times in plastic wrap or transfer to an airtight container. Store in the refrigerator for 5-7 days.

What can you substitute for sour cream in corn casserole? ›

I've been on a kick lately of substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream. One of my favorite sides, that I usually only make for holidays, is corn casserole. It's not what you'd call light, but it's OMG so good. The Greek yogurt was a fantastic addition and we demolished this between the two of us in 2 days.

What is a substitute for cream corn in corn casserole? ›


Put all the corn + 1/3 of the liquid in the can + 1 tbsp flour into a bowl. Then blitz with hand blender (or use blender) until you can't see whole corn kernels anymore but there are still corn chunks (don't to puree). Use all of it in place of canned creamed corn in this recipe.

How do you know when corn casserole is done? ›

After baking your corn casserole in the oven at 350 F for about 45 to 50 minutes, look for visual cues to determine if the casserole is done, advises Five Boys Baker. A finished casserole with be slightly brown. And when corn casserole is done, it should not jiggle when moved.

What does cornstarch do in a casserole? ›

Use as a Thickening Agent

Here's how it works: when cornstarch is added to a recipe, the starch molecules work to absorb water and thicken the mixture. When heated, those molecules swell and consume even more of the liquid in the recipe.

How do I make my casserole thicker? ›

Make a cornstarch slurry for a fast and easy thickener.

Use one tablespoon of cornstarch per cup of liquid you would like to thicken. Stir out all the lumps. A few minutes before your casserole is done, add it a little at a time until you are happy with the thickness. Then, let the casserole finish baking.

What does Jiffy cornbread mix have in it? ›


Can you eat 3 day old corn? ›

If stored properly in the refrigerator, uncooked corn on the cob can last anywhere from one to three days before spoiling. To extend the life of your corn on the cob, be sure not to remove the husks before refrigerating; if you do, wrap the corn in either saran wrap or foil before putting it in the fridge.

What's the difference between cornbread pudding and cornbread casserole? ›

The main difference between the two is texture. Corn pudding has a gelatinous consistency similar to dessert pudding; the casserole is thicker and can hold its shape. Despite the textural difference between corn casserole and pudding, the ingredients are similar.

Are corn pudding and corn casserole the same thing? ›

Corn pudding has a similar gelatinous texture to dessert pudding, hence its name, so it's creamy and loose. In comparison, corn casserole has a thicker consistency and holds its shape better than the pudding because it uses thickening agents like instant cornbread mix.

What is the difference between cornbread and corn pudding? ›

It's made with eggs, cream or half-and-half, corn, a thickening agent, and seasonings, as well as onions, cheese, or other flavorings. Soft and tender, the texture lies somewhere between cornbread and a soufflé. Cornbread, on the other hand, has a soft, cake-like texture, and is made with cornmeal.

What is the difference between cornbread and Southern cornbread? ›

She notes that Northern cornbread is sweeter, lighter, and more cake-like than Southern cornbread. Not surprisingly, it includes sugar (or molasses, in the earlier centuries), unlike traditional Southern cornbread.

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