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Do you know that there are several other things U-Haul can install asides from trailer hitches?

Perhaps you’ve only contacted them when you needed to install a trailer hitch. Unfortunately, you have not been making the most of their services and various consumer options.

This article discusses several other installation services from U-Haul alongside their individual prices. Let’s begin!

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13 Things U-Haul Can Install For You (Listed With Prices) | Motor & Wheels (1)

Can U-Haul Install Trailer Hitches?

U-Haul offers trailer hitch installation and they have so many consumer options when offering this service.

They have custom-made installations so customers can find a specific one made for their car. This custom-made installation is crucial for the safety and health of your hitch system.

When preparing for the installation, U-Haul sends a hitch professional that communicates clearly with you and evaluates your car thoroughly. They will most likely ask for the age, make and model of the vehicle to know what to remove and fix during the process.

Fortunately, you do not have to stress when requesting this service as you can find a same-day installation with U-Haul.

While it is best to have scheduled prior to the D-day, either offline or online, you can walk into the store and request for the service.

The usual cost to install a trailer hitch from U-Haul ranges between $100-$600 depending on the class of hitch and the vehicle.

Can U-Haul Install Hitches on Cars?

U-Haul installs hitches on cars whether they come in SUVs, trucks, old or new vehicles. U-Haul has the most prominent and flexible installation services.

However, before you consult the company to perform this service, there are important things to know about your vehicle.

For instance, certain SUVs and cars, depending on the year and make, might need a total wiring harness before you can install the hitch.

Thus, it is best to know what works best for your vehicle. To get the necessary information, you can research it on your own or consult with any U-Haul professional. Variables you will need to consider include:

  • Towing capacity
  • Tongue weight capacity
  • Load bearing
  • Wiring if necessary

It is also important to note that if the OEM manufacturer does not equip your vehicle with the necessary wiring, you would have to install it before you can use a hitch with your car.

However, before doing so, you’ll have to determine some conditions necessary for the health of your hitch. You’ll have to consider how to distribute the weight, how you would pack your items and make sure that the hitch is leveled to the vehicle.

If the hitch is not properly plugged into the vehicle, it could cause what is known as trailer sway, because the weight was not distributed properly. The usual cost to install a hitch on your car ranges from $100 to $600.

Can U-Haul Install Fifth-Wheel Hitches?

U-Haul sells and installs fifth-wheel hitches but not all locations can install them. It is better to contact your nearest U-Haul center to see if they install them.

A fifth-wheel hitch is like a smaller-scale kind of hitch. It mounts in the truck’s bed and uses a single or dual jaw to wrap around the trailer’s kingpin.

The hitch is placed over the vehicle’s rear axle, and it allows for a smooth ride.

Installing and removing a fifth-wheel hitch can be done manually by oneself. However, it is highly recommended to get a professional to do it, especially if you don’t have the full knowledge of how to install it.

The wrong installation can endanger the drivers, passengers and other road users. Installing a fifth-wheel hitch ranges from $70 to $225.

The price, however, depends on the labor and the type of component installed. If it is a basic fifth-wheel hitch, the price will be considerably lesser.


Can U-Haul Install Trailer Wiring?

U-Haul installs trailer wiring according to the make of your vehicle. They have an extensive selection of wiring suitable for any car model.

The cost of installing a trailer wiring with U-Haul depends on the price of the part plus a ½-hour labor charge which varies from $30 to $40.

Trailer wiring is simply the connection to make your vehicle and trailer work together for everyone’s safety.

There are three options for installing this wiring. The popular choice is the quick connect wiring kit that involves just a plug-and-play harness. The other two options include the universal wiring kit and the replacement plug and socket.

Can U-Haul Install Backup Cameras?

U-Haul professionals sell and install backup cameras for additional safety. The installation cost usually ranges from $75 to $200, depending on how complex the setup is.

Sometimes, because of additional cameras, the overall cost may be up to $1,000. If you do not want the stress of professional installation, a wireless backup camera can be the right choice.

Can U-Haul Install Bike Racks?

U-Haul has so many varieties of bike racks and offers special installation services.

To be clear, a bike rack is a device attached to the outside of your vehicle that securely carries your bicycle. There are three major types of bike racks, including hitch racks, roof racks and trunk racks.

The easiest to install is the hitch rack. You might need professional assistance to install the others, but they’re DIYable if you follow the installation instructions.

Can U-Haul Install Brake Controllers?

U-Haul installs brake controllers. All you simply need to do is to contact their hitch center and make an appointment.

However, U-Haul does not sell brake installers because they use surge brakes for their rental trailers.

The cost of installing brake controllers ranges from $60 to $350.

Can U-Haul Install Roof Racks?

U-Haul doesn’t install roof racks for customers. These equipment are usually pre-installed from the factory, but some people buy aftermarket roof rack kits and install them on their vehicles.

Roof racks do not need any professional installation and most people fix them by themselves. To move items with your roof rack, it needs to come with cross bars.

U-Haul sells roof boxes, but they don’t rent them. The price is usually around $40 or below according to consumergravity.com.

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Can U-Haul Install Transmission Coolers?

U-Haul installs complete towing packages, including transmission coolers.

A transmission cooler helps to reduce the extra stress and heating caused when towing. So it’s best to get a transmission cooler if you want to tow with your vehicle.

The usual cost of installing a transmission cooler ranges from $150 to $250.

Can U-Haul Install Tow Bars?

U-Haul sells and installs tow bars. Tow bars are simply two thick metal bars used for towing.

One end attaches to the rear of the pulling vehicle and the other at the front of the towed vehicle. U-Haul can also rent tow bars if you desire, but it is best to get yours as they are relatively cheap.

You can install a tow bar easily and it usually costs about $50 to fix it. However, if you bought an expensive towbar, allow professionals to install it. The cost may go up to $100.

Can U-Haul Install Running Boards?

U-Haul does not install or sell running boards. However, their cargo vans have them. There are also great SUVs with running boards you’d want to know about.

The usual cost to install a running board ranges between $50 and $150, excluding the price of the running board itself.


Can U-Haul Install Weight Distribution Hitches?

Weight distribution hitches come with the complete towing package and U-Haul installs them, if you desire.

A weight distribution hitch, as the name implies, is used to spread the tongue weight of the trailer directly off the rear axle.

This keeps the trailer in place and reduces the risk of it losing control because of too much load. The cost to install weight distribution hitches ranges from $100 to $800.

Can U-Haul Install Gooseneck Hitches?

Gooseneck hitches also come with the towing package and U-Haul will sell and install them if you request it.

A gooseneck hitch is similar to a conventional hitch and is used for towing weights up to 30,000lbs. They are mostly used for pulling livestock trailers, flatbed equipment, or horse trailers.

Installing a gooseneck hitch will cost you about $775 to $3,000 according to mechanicbase.com.


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